Cards against Humanity – Our Walkthrough for the Coolest Society Game

Cards against Humanity is probably one of the most enjoyable board games. And according to its creators, you are probably a horrible person for thinking that. We’re kidding, but you’d surely be seen as having a lot of cringe-worthy cynicism in you. The game is as easy as you can get. You can play it with a bunch of friends and the rules are simple: there is one person that pops a question from a black card and all the other players answer with some snarky, hilariously (un)fit words or phrases from their white cards. You can find it online or you can purchase it as well, if you want your cards to look fancy and well designed. But otherwise, if you’re in it just for the fun, use the homemade version of it.

The best way to see how awesome is Cards against Humanity is through these 20 examples of the most amusing combinations of question and answers the game has gathered since its existence. Prepare to have fun!

1. How the elite class spends its money

Cards against Humanity

Cards against Humanity it is not only hilariously painful to read, but at the same time the game offers a socially acceptable way to throw some evil vibe to the rich and the powerful.

2.  How inappropriate people can be during difficult times

Cards against Humanity

Is it outrageous? It might be, but look around and see how awkward people feel around those who are sick or who found themselves in difficult situations. Lack of compassion? Inappropriate jokes? Being completely egocentric and totally grateful you’re not in the same position? Exactly, there they are, Cards against Humanity just found the way to spill it out.

3.  How hard it is to be young in the current economic context

Cards against Humanity

Because nothing makes you more aware of yourself than a game pointing how the only way you can have fun without spending money is playing that game.

4.  How horrible racism is

Cards against Humanity

Under that heavy tone of sarcasm, there is one of the most humanly possible approach Cards against Humanity can engage in fighting white privilege.

5.  How easy it is to just forget the real important stuff

Cards against Humanity 5

We all know that, right? Accept nothing works better as a reminder than these painfully short two lines.  Irony and sadness at its most finesse. You will go straight to calling your mom to say hi, we guarantee.

6.  How the mother-son relationships really are

Cards against Humanity

All fun until you bump into that one in real life, right? That should explain why your mother thinks no girl seem to suit your amazing self.

7.  How hilarious and awkward multiple meanings are

Cards against Humanity

Take that. We won’t even try to explain that, because it might be too embarrassing.

8.   How self-centered celebrities are

Cards against Humanity

We already knew that about Kane West, but this card not only puts it bluntly, but it’s a fine critique at so many levels, it literally hits you with its cleverness.

9.  How bad Cards against Humanity is for you when you’re down

Cards against Humanity

Don’t try this at home. Or please do, after all, what can be worse than feeling bad?  Exactly, feeling like the least worthy human being on the planet. You’re welcome.

10.  How good it feels to puts words together and actually getting some sense

Cards against Humanity

You will never look at the glass ceiling the same way ever again. Again, you’re welcome.

There’s plenty of place for inappropriate, awkward and disturbing laughs with Cards against Humanity. You can end up making fun of intimate situations, body odors or controversial life moment like deaths or being shamed in public. All the ugly sides of human evil will come to life. Sometimes you will feel guilty, other times you will feel refreshingly relieved, as if all of your nastiness had finally found a way to leave your being.







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