Caricature Illustrations Taken To Another Level

It seems as though nearly every magazine  is interested in Denis Zilber’s funny illustrations. He possesses an amazing talent for creating terrific caricatures. Every illustration has a story to tell, and the characters are so amazingly drawn that you just have to sit back and say “wow”.

Of course he has tons and tons of clients that are interested in working with him, and his projects have been published in magazines such as GQ and Blazer Magazine. He has also been featured in the UK Jewish Film Festival, marking him at his peak of popularity. The shadows, the angles, the lighting, the positions, the colors, etc. in his illustrations are perfect in every way.

We personally love every piece of his work, and many illustrators admire Zilber and his prodigious skills. Still, there are many other talented artists that provide very fun illustrations, like these “Stuff No One Told Me” images. Could you imagine what these ultra-cool illustrations would look like on the back of stamps or postcards. I bet they would fly off the shelves. Ok, tangent over. Let us know how you rate Zeliber’s art in the comments below.


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