Cats on Skateboards

I’m sure most of you have been regularly exposed to images of dogs hilariously riding skateboards: they frequently do the rounds. As a result of this internet-fueled overexposure, the visual gag of skateboard-commuting canines has inevitably run dry, the once-comical sight now more boring than it is rib-tickling.

You’re BORING!

However, how about images of another domesticated animal taking one or two pages out of Tony Hawk’s book? And no, I’m afraid I’m not talking about budgies, though I did find this on google images:

It’s Tony Squawk! I'll be here all week.

Yes, I’m talking about those lovable little furballs we like to call cats. Turns out, quite a few kitty cats like to play around with skateboards, whether they’re actually riding them or just gracefully posing on them. Either way, they can make for cool, cute, funny and highly amusing pictures. Enjoy.

And finally:

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