Celebrities As Average People

People have a peculiar fascination with celebrities. They’re viewed as powerful, glamorous and beautiful. We see them on the cover of fashion magazines, in movies, and on TV where they exude confidence, style and wealth. But of course that’s just a front. They’re just normal people, aren’t they? Normal rich people who are known by millions of people.

A British artist named Danny Evans has come up with a way that will make us view celebrities in a whole different light. With the use of Photoshop, he has taken some of the most famous and well-known celebrities of today and has transformed them into average looking people. Imagine Jennifer Aniston as an overweight cashier lady. Pretty hard, isn’t it?

In the wrong hands, Photoshop can really be a tool for disaster. Photoshop mistakes are more common than we would have liked them to be, but fortunately it is quite the opposite in Danny Evans’ case. He is a Photoshop master! He said he was inspired to create these images of celebrities as average people by the already Photoshopped images of celebrities that seem to be everywhere we look:

“It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.”

He started creating the first images of celebrities as average people in 2006. Now, he just released some more funny Photoshopped celebs pictures for the world to enjoy. So, without further ado, this is what happens when celebrities become average people:

Tom Cruise is a 40-year old unemployed dude who still lives in his parents’ basement and plays video games all day long.Tom cruise celebrities as average people

Sarah Jessica Parker and a long lost relative pose for a family picture.sarah jessica parker celebrities as average people

Rihanna looks like a fancy public school principal here. She’s still pretty though!rihanna celebrities as average people

If you take away the hair, there really isn’t much of a difference between how Miley Cyrus looks today and this 80’s Miley.miley cyrus celebrities as average people

Madonna, the lady; the 80’s lady with aging Farrah Fawcett hair.madonna 2 celebrities as average people

Another Madonna, this time looking freakishly like my aunt Mildred at her school’s 50th reunion.madonna celebrities as average people

Just look at them. Even when they are average people, Kristen and Rob can’t seem to leave their brooding aside.kristen and rob celebrities as average people

I honestly believe that if Kim and Kanye weren’t famous this would be exactly how they would look like: Kim as a hefty beautician and Kanye as an even heftier furniture delivery guy.kim kardashian kanye west celebrities as average people

The Kardashians are just amazing in this picture! Just look at Khloe and how much she fits her role! Kourtney’s smile say it all and Kris still looks like the Pimp Mama she is.kardashian family celebrities as average people

This one’s an oldie, but a goldie. It’s still Johnny Depp, only with a few extra pounds. But deep down inside, this is still Johnny and how he would look had he not found fame.johnny depp celebrities as average people

The perfect accountant, Jennifer Lopez in her marvelous velour sweater is excited about doing your numbers. Velour sweaters should really be banned, shouldn’t they?jennifer lopez celebrities as average people

Here she is, a disheveled Jennifer Aniston looking straight into the soul of the beef jerky hanging on the shelf at the convenient store where she’s working as a cashier.jennifer aniston celebrities as average people

I think if Posh saw this image she would get a panic attack. She’s so plump and fluffy and David looks all teeth!david and victoria beckham celebrities as average people

Making fun of Britney isn’t fun anymore and this picture reminds us why.britney spears celebrities as average people

This picture speaks volumes, but I want to draw your attention on Jay Z’s tie which features crosses on it. That’s all I wanted to say.beyonce jay z celebrities as average people

The most glorious photo manipulation of all times, this one is truly a masterpiece. Notice how worried they both look. It’s as if they have a ton of children back home to look after and no hired help to do it!angelina jolie brad pitt celebrities as average people

If you want to see more of Danny Evans’ works, this is his Facebook: Planet Hiltron.

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