Celebrities Deaths, Curses and Paranormal Occurrences: Truths or Superstitions?

There is nothing paranormal in dying of a drug or alcohol overdose, although it is a bit abnormal, but not unheard of. There is nothing suspicious in plane crashes, horseback riding accidents, accidental self – inflicted gunshots or, to en extent, suicide. Valar Morghulis, some Game of Thrones fans would say, all men must die, and since celebrities aren’t proven yet to be demigods or endowed with immortality, celebrities in the entertainment industry die too. But with the recent deaths of Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman, tabloids got once again interested in the fatalities that shook the world, while so called mediums and parapsychologists insist that there are no coincidences and the universe works in mysterious ways. Famous examples of the “fatal age” club are again exposed, with Amy Winehouse to join the 27 bunch of dead celebrities, while we bet there are still conspiracy theorists who will  die believing that Elvis, Marylin Monroe and JFK are still living happily ever after on some deserted island. Well, since everybody is so worked – up in digging into the graves of some late celebrities and because we all love a good X File from time to time, why not go with the flow? Today we will talk about celebrities deaths, curses and paranormal occurrences, not to reveal some world-shattering truth, but to remember those who left us in… special circumstances.

The Curse Of Superman

christopher reeve

This is exactly like never even thinking to whisper “Macbeth” into a theater. The Curse of Superman of course hit hard two of the actors who put their red underwear over their electric blue tights and flew around kicking ass and taking names: George Reeves, who was a TV glory in its own rights because of the show was found dead, age 45, in his home in Beverly Hills, and Christopher Reeve, the cape crusader who spent the last 9 years of his life paralyzed in a chair, because of a horse ride accident. While still some people are wondering why George Reeve’s death keeps being a mystery in the first place, in Christopher Reeve’s case, a bad karma revolving around the name coincidence apparently satisfies some peoples’ taste for the supernatural.

The Curse of the Lee Family

brandon lee

You can try to recollect some of Bruce Lee’s famous movies, moves and quotes, but if you are among the ones who were born in the booming sound of your dad’s iPod heavy rotating “We are the champions”, you probably know more about the Lee Family Curse than Bruce or his dead son Brandon. There are volumes written on this matter, and while some still consider there’s some higher power involved, like Fate, the Universe’s Supreme F*-up Humor or the Mother of All Coincidences involved, others place their bets on more…mundane reasons why Brandon Lee got shot by accident while filming the Crow: Chinese Mafia, the Triads, debts to be settled, revenge, and so on. We may never know why Brandon had to die, the truth is out there he is dead and the Crow will never be the same without him.

The 27 Club

the 27 club

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine…. Or he… This is what the first 27 club member Alexandre Levy must have said to himself when he saw the next member, and the next, and the next stepping foot into his chamber of eternal rest. Why some musicians happen to die at 27, ending this (open) list with the latest entry – Richard Turner – nobody can explain, although some died of natural causes, others because they were murdered, and the most famous ones because they mistook fame and fortune with invincibility. Without any disrespect towards the ones who truly mourn their family members, spouses or friends, there is too much speculation nurtured in relation to the 27 club. Celebrities death, curses and paranormal occurrences should not be mixed with cases of violence, overdose, abuse, medical problems and so on.

Maybe you are more attracted to the mysterious deaths and accidents suffered by some of the cast appearing in the Poltergeist series? Or are you still fascinated by the trio Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and Big Blooper who lost their lives in a plane crash? When it comes to celebrities deaths, curses and paranormal occurrences, it’s best to speculate less and pay our respects more.

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