Celebrities in trouble

winsletkate Photoshop on pictures of celebrities are mostly used to make them look prettier, younger and more attractive. What if the pictures were photoshopped in a different way so they would look awful, scary and even criminal?

braffzach judelaw ahston woodelijah shreq alpacino montana mrbean celebertymugshot madonna tomhanks friendsmugshot mugshot scarletjohansson That’s what happened on these celebrity photos. Even funny Mr. Bean and big-hearted Shrek look dangerous, not to mention what the women have turned into.


  1. Agelina’s not in them any of the photos cause she’s probably the one who caused all the damage.

  2. Poor Scarlett Johansson. She suffered so many blows on the mouth, her lips turned into a blowfish.

  3. scarlett is still hot. i don’t remember holding a sign in jail but then again i was seing four

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