More Hilarious Screenshots from Chat Roulette

The Internet is an interesting and fascinating place, but sometimes it is simply weird and scary. A long, long time ago we shared a post with the most Hilarious Screenshots from Chat Roulette. A sequel was needed, especially considering that so much time has passed. Since then, our beloved Steve XX has released three extra Chat Roulette videos, in which he dresses up as a chick and dances in front of the camera. As you can probably also imagine, all the publicity has led to even more amusing encounters, that luckily enough, were captured.

After seeing this photos you will probably think that no normal human being would ever log on Chat Roulette to have a serious conversation, but this is not partially true. There will always be lots of trolls in the world, but there are also some truly nice people out there. I have spend a few nights on Chat Roulette, and actually managed to make some great friends, which I still talk to. Nevertheless, since the system randomly pairs with with strangers, which may or may not be awkward, it may take some time until you find someone worthwhile.

Since we are not here to discuss about the possible love stories that you may spark on this website, let us proceed with the 20 more hilarious screenshots from Chat Roulette. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

1. The Butt Chin 


1. It Must be Fate!



How often do you get the chance to meet someone that wears the exact same glasses as you, especially considering that you have been browsing through thousands of people? It must be fate!

1. Dangerous Encounters


Most of the times, Chat Roulette is funny. Sometimes it’s just scary.

1. The Mad Dog


It looks like this guy experienced the scare of his life. Too bad it’s nothing but a picture of a dog, and not actually a mad dog.

1. Show me This Face #1


We have to admire these girls for pulling off such a great face!

1. Cartoon Look-Alike


It is not often that you get the chance to meet your cartoon self on Chat Roulette. When it happens, it is definitely worthy of a screenshot.The only thing missing is the mandolin.

1. Twins


Is it just me, or do these girls look exactly the same? Even their expressions are identical.

1. Teddy Bear Head



As if the Teddy Bear wasn’t scary enough, the weird guy on the bottom is even scarier.

1. Man Boobs


This is just wrong.

1. Paris Hilton, is that You?


It wouldn’t be the first time that we see celebrities hanging out on Chat Roulette, but Paris Hilton? Really?

1. The Burn Victim 


1. The Disguise


Never reveal your identity, unless you are prepared to deal with Farmville invites.

1. Do This Face #2


Now that’s a good “Make this Face” impersonation.

1. The Butt Chin 

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