Top 10 Cheapest Vacation Spots That You Will Enjoy

Summer break is around the corner, and there is no better time to drop your mundane whereabouts and venture into a few days of adventure. Traveling is a leisure activity beloved by many, but at the same time considered not to be for those with light pockets. It’s only partly true. If you choose to go for a holiday to, say, Dubai, you’re very likely not going to find it a very affordable trip. But there are many destinations available for all budgets and we’ve decided to share some of the cheapest vacation spots with you.

Cheapest Vacation Spots


#1 Cambodia

You can get a bed to sleep on for as little as $2, and the food is even less of a hole burned in your pocket. Cambodia isn’t, by any means, the first destination that comes to mind when you think of taking a holiday, but in recent years, it managed to grow to popularity thanks to the incredible contrast between luxury and affordable prices.

#2 Vietnam

Despite all of the atrocities that Vietnam had to face throughout the years of harsh warfare, it remains one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. A whole day spent in Vietnam will give you expenses no more than roughly $5 for transport, food, and other necessities.

#3 India

Rather than referring to India as a whole, it’s better to make the mention that it’s not entirely affordable. Checking in at one of Mumbai’s luxurious hotels might take quite a lot out of your pockets, but regardless of how many hotel stars you choose to pursue, you can always count on the low living expenses.

#4 Bolivia

Bolivia is also known as the Tibet of the Americas and is one of the two landlocked places aside from Paraguay. It’s riddled with history, especially history that make you think back on the colonial times. In fact, it may just be the country with the best food value in South America.

#5 Hungary

Cheapest Vacation Spots


To get the full urban experience, venture into Budapest. For anyone wishing to journey through Europe, Budapest is a great bargain both in terms of the sights it can offer and the value of items and activities. With airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and living expenses being so affordable, you can save up money for their famous thermal baths.

#6 Honduras

Honduras is like that one middle sibling in a family that often gets overlooked because of their elder siblings. In its case, the older siblings are Costa Rica and Belize. But you know what they say, sometimes it’s better to have something to enjoy all by yourself, and this unexploited beauty is as enchanting as it is affordable.

#7 Bulgaria

A Bulgarian vacation would thoroughly sate the needs of a variety of tourists. On one hand, we have the sunny beach resorts that were met with a boom in popularity thanks to the influx of British visitors. On the other, you can always go for a city break and enjoy all that Sofia has to offer in exchange for low prices.

#8 Sri Lanka

Although its tourism bloomed sometime in the 60’s, Sri Lanka remains, for the most part, an unexplored marvel of the world. You can live in royal accommodations for as little as $25 per day. There are few places that can provide the comfort of a blue-blooded VIP in five-star living conditions for such a bargain, but Sri Lanka is one of them.

#9 Argentina

You can certainly have a blast by visiting its jungles or going trekking in the mountains, but the most exciting bit about the world’s ninth largest country is its spicy nightlife. Venture in the heart of its own city of lights, Buenos Aires, and settle in one of its exclusive pubs and clubs that require surprisingly few money to get by.

#10 Greece

Unfortunately, much of Greece’s low prices these days are a direct result of its profound economic crisis. But you can definitely contribute to its tourism by booking a vacation to one of its popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. Aside from beach relaxation, tourists can also go sightseeing to famous historical places in Athena, places that strongly remind us of the ancient Greek tales and legends.

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