Cheeky Pooches on the Internet: The Funniest Dog Memes

Aren’t dogs and the internet just the perfect combination? If you don’t laugh at a few of the following funny dog memes then you are either dead or a cat. Or a dead cat.

The Mathematician Dog Meme

Cheeky Pooches on the Internet: The Funniest Dog Memes

There are few dogs who look intellectual without glasses on. However, pop on a pair of glasses and lo and behold, they all turn into Albert freaking Einstein. This guy really does look as though he has worked out the figures and realised that, sadly, a cat is just too expensive.

The Weirdly Possessive Dog Meme

Funniest Dog Memes

What is it with pooches and shoes? I used to own a spaniel who ate more shoes in a year than I’ve had portions of lasagne in my lifetime. And that’s a lot. An awful lot, to be specific.

The Mischievous Dog Meme

Cheeky Pooches on the Internet

I love this picture of these two dogs. The one whose paw is on the other’s face genuinely looks as though he is trying to shut the other one up while he steals his treat. Of course, they both deserve two treats just for looking so cool.

The Self Control Dog Meme

Funny Dog Meme

If I had tried this with my shoe eating spaniel he would have eaten his own face off in 10 seconds flat. Dogs aren’t really known for being able to control anything, least of all their appetite, their bladder or their saliva.

The Philosophical Dog Meme

Funniest Dog Memes

I used to work beside a guy who looked like this dog, which make the meme even funnier for me. He looks as though he is thinking deeply about existentialism and whether balls exist in the same physical dimension as us, doesn’t he?

The Internet Dog Meme

Cute Dog Meme

Have you ever noticed how the internet is filled with lots of cute dog memes and lots of rather evil cat memes? There is only possible reason for this (leaving aside the ridiculous notion that dogs are cute and cats are evil). This photo proves it, really. I rest my case.

The Teaching Baby Dog Meme

Cute Dog Memes

Isn’t this just the cutest picture ever? The little fellow is looking up to the pooch as though he is some sort of Zen master, which is what he probably is, I guess. My little girl loves her dog but has now got to the stage where she is bigger than him. This means that grabbing his tail and sitting on top of him is now a viable option for her.

The Wagging Tail Dog Meme

Funniest Dog Memes

I never fail to be impressed at how some dogs can send their tail into such a hyperactive state that it thumps all over the place. Wouldn’t it be great if humans had a tail like this too? Ah ok, not so much then.

The Phone Call Dog Meme

Funny Dog Meme

This is a black Labrador who appears on a lot of different dog memes but this is my favourite. The expression on the faces of the cats is exactly what you would expect it to be if a couple of cats made a crank call to a dog they hated. The dog, meanwhile, couldn’t care less. He’s answered the call and that’s all that matters.

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