Christmas Gift Ideas and Tips for Tight Budgets

christmas gift ideasSummer is long gone, Halloween’s over, which means that, for Christians all over the world, it’s time for Christmas. A nice tree, LED lights, church, good food and lots and lots of presents. But all those of us with a tight budget are dreading the ominous Christmas shopping, because there isn’t much out there you can buy with little cash. Or is there? We’ve got some Christmas gift ideas and tips that are going to make Christmas shopping easy!

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Buying presents for a kid has to be the easiest task in this world. Kids of all ages will make sure to tell you what they like and what they want the moment you meet them! Educational games are usually pretty exciting for kids, as they’re sponges who love fun learning. Get them something nice that they can play indoors during the colder seasons and don’t get them something for the warmer season, because they’ll get frustrated if they have to wait to take out the water pistol.

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Men are harder to buy presents for than women. Women are generally more vocal about what they like and don’t like when it comes to gifts, and men a bit more reserved. This may be a silly generalization that you need to take with a grain of salt, but there is some truth behind it. Is the man that you’re buying a present for into sports? Does he like soccer or basketball? Get them a ticket for a game or a piece of memorabilia. Is he into virtual games? Then an online subscription to a fun game would be nice.

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

When you’re doing budget gift shopping for a women, for anyone for that matter, the sooner you realize that you cannot make a cheap gift look expensive, the better. Get her a one month gym card at a fancy location, a massage or an iTunes card. You simply cannot go wrong with music or massages!  If she likes outside activities, you could get her some nice camping equipment, it’s usually quite affordable.

Definite DON’TS

What you definitely don’t want to happen when you give your Christmas gift to someone is see them look disappointed. It’s like a knife through the heart and nobody wants that. In order to avoid feeling that way, and to avoid them feeling disappointed then you should take our advice about to avoid buying as a Christmas gift.

  • DO NOT try to get someone a cool gift if you don’t know them well enough. You’re going to fail miserably.
  • DO NOT buy the same present for people in groups. Make an effort and get each person a cheap individual gift, even if you’re short on cash and the group is large.
  • DO NOT buy stuff for the car or the home. A Christmas present should be for a person, not an object. Smartphone cases aren’t included in this category and make pretty awesome and cheap gifts!
  • DO NOT get them perfume or cologne. Of course you can’t possibly know if they’ll like it!

Just in case this needed to be said, throwing someone a surprise birthday party is not a present in itself and you still need to buy them a separate present. Birthday parties are not gifts!

Also, if someone you know is born on Christmas day, you need to take them two presents, one for their birthday and one for Christmas. Tough luck!

What was the worst present you ever received for Christmas?

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