City statues decorated in an amusing way


Spanish artist from Madrid that calls himself SpY is creating a different kind of street art than most people are used to. He is making city statues look a bit more interesting by putting a bucket, a paper bag or a ski mask over their heads, a red clown nose on their noses or a pie in their faces. SpY has also managed to give one of the statues red lightning eyes.

Some people call it art while others think it’s some sort of vandalism, but it’s sure both ironic and comic art that will put a smile on your face.

sculpture-lamp sculpture-bucketski-mask-sculpture paper-bag-sculpture dive-mask-sculpture clown-sculpture cake-sculpture red-lightsculpture-red-eyes

Making the statues look cheeky is not his only work – he has turned a tennis court into an abstract field by using duct tape all over in different directions, and he has also used neon light sticks on some roads to spice it up a bit.



Other ways that fun street art has been made is by painting smart and amusing illustrations that have been seen on the streets and paths of Montreal.


  1. I totally agree, it spices up the city a bit, statues are boring in a way, but this makes them look fun!

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