Classic paintings invaded by monkeys and robots

nature-house-robot-paintJohn Lytle Wilson has his own way of creating modern art. He uses random paintings with simple nature motive and includes robots and animals so it would appear more interesting and alive. If you take a closer look at the paintings you will notice that most of them have orange monkeys escaping from robots.

woods-robot-paint winter-woods-paintings wave-paint tiger-unicorn-monkey-robots sea-light-house-robots-pain eagle-paint robot-woods-deer-paint robot-woods-deer robots-house-winter-paint robot-paint

The motives give the paintings a lot of bright color and energy, and perhaps you will find Lytle’s art mostly in apartments where young people or students live.

robot-monkey-autumn robot-house-paint robot-burning-house-in-wood paint-robot mountains-robots-paint duck-hunt-paint burning-barns-woods-paint bridge-robot-paint

While he is making random paintings of nature more interesting, this street artist is making paths and roads in Montreal more alive.


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