Colorful Mosaic Portraits Made From Old Junk Mail

By using old paper waste like junk mail, old calendars, photos, postcards, etc, Sandhi Schimmel Gold is creating some amazing mosaic portraits. They have an up-to-date look with a nice splash of fresh colors. It almost looks like really expensive art that you want to buy for decorating your living room. As you can see the figures on the mosaics are mostly women that he has found from different advertising.

He wanted to express how obsessed we are with beauty these days, but at the same time he wanted to give new life to old junk mail. You can by the way recognize Twiggy and Elvis Presley among the mosaics.

Schimmel says that every single of his mosaics is made by hand, he has not used anything complicated, only his own hands to cut, paint and put together. Something similar has been done with floppy disks, check it out. I could actually imagine some of these mosaics inspiring logos and the like. The kind of people who value quality logo products would probably love to turn some of these magnificent portraits into logos in some way. If I was still a student in school, I would personally put one of these radiant portraits on my cinch up backpack. Wouldn’t you? Admit it. You would love to take these unique portraits and put them everywhere: on your kitchen walls, in your bathtub, in your gazebo, on your laptop case–everywhere.

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