Comic traffic signs popping up all over the city

thank-you-for-sign The streets of Lyon in France have turned into a gallery without walls with work from artists all over the world. Their work is shown on signs that look like real European traffic signs but with some absurd and comical cartoon pictures, or even some cheerful messages.

you-are-beautigul-sign worms-sign upside-down-bus-sign traffik-sign think-freak-sign stay-furry star-sign smoke-sign smiley-sign red-sign rabbit-fish-sign queen-sign no-happy-sign heart-sign heart-brick-sign girl-sign ghost-sign fist-sign fish-sign faek-sign dog-cap-sign apple-sign 3-sign In same city you can find a aqua telephone booth.


  1. The one that looks like a dog with a hat is by the London Police – they’re great artists

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