5 Common Beer Myths Debunked

We all drink beer, right? Or at least at some special occasions, summer night gatherings with friends, a good football or other sports competition, events and personal celebrations. But people, despite the fact that they like beer – and this is easily provable by the number of differently flavored beers this world is favoring, a topic we covered not so long ago – also still hold some prejudice when it comes to this ancient and very popular drink. Some fear the bear – belly, a monster that seems to threaten solid marriages (you know from what point of view), others fear its health damaging features, while others just believe that beer kills brain cells. Which is not quite true. Now if you are an alcoholic – which we hope it’s not the case – you should know that beer is actually healthier than you expected. In case you spend your days soaking your brain and liver in alcohol, it really doesn’t matter if you have lite beer, dark beer or oyster – flavored beer, you still need to have that problem in check. But without much ado, let’s see 5 common beer myths debunked!

5. If you drink lite beer you won’t get fat

This is lazy dieting and you know it. Usually, normal beers have around a bit under 200 calories, while most lite beer brands revolve around an average of 90 – 100 calories. If you need to lose 100 calories a day out of your meal plan, lose something else, as the difference between three lite beers and two normal beers is quite insignificant, not to mention that lite beers don’t taste as good as regular ones. So do yourself a favor and start exercising and have the beer of choice.

4. Dark beers are stronger in alcohol. Corollary: Dark beers are faster fattening than the blonde ones

You can have a dark, strong, awesome Guinness with an average of 4% alcohol and a superb Belgian blondie which gathers around 8% alcohol. Now if you still believe that the color of beer has some sort of connection with how fattening or not is a specific product, you should do your homework better, as…

dark beer

3. Beer doesn’t contain fat, nor cholesterol!

We got this one a little bit messed up because we are trying to show you common beer myths debunked and not start with the truth, but in this case, the truth speaks loud and it needs to be heard! Beer doesn’t lead to the increase of cholesterol levels. Beer hydrates and, most importantly, it contains twice the quantities of anti – oxidants than wine, vitamins in the B category, folic acid, soluble silicium and many other healthy substances. Of course, a beer healthy diet is not quite recommended, but a moderate quantity of beer can do you a world of good.

2. Beer in combination with other liquors gives you hangover hell

It’s the quantity of alcohol you pour in that will ultimately give you a hangover. Try mixing different cocktails with wine and some hard liquors and see what happens. There are a lot of sayings and a lot of popular beliefs involving beer, before or after consuming other drinks, but at the end of the party, is how much you drank is the concept you’ll have to pay your tolls to.

1. Beer causes the infamous beer belly

Your belly might get a bit over your trousers’ belt not because you can’t help yourself to have a beer once every two days. It’s the total consumption of calories, fats and unhealthy products that build your belly. And, if we are to speak the truth, it’s the munchies you can’t get enough of while you drink beer, be them salted peanuts, pretzels or pizza. This article on WebMD is quite enlightening when it comes to explaining why people develop bellies and what is beer’s specific role in all of this.

Do you want more common beer myths debunked? There are some useful sources out there which will convince you to not choose beer as patsy for some bad things that are happening to your life. Otherwise, if drank with moderation and wisdom, beer is a healthy friend you want to keep close. Cheers!

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