15 Crappy Product Designs

These are some of the most upvoted submissions on the subreddit ‘Crappy design’. The community did a fine job by selecting some of the most crappy product designs we have ever seen.

1. Crappy designed pan

It’s obvious that no one from the company ever took this beauty for a spin. But as long as it has usage marks, the real question is how did the owner do it? Did he or she just hold it still all along the way?

Crappy Design 15

2. Crappy stair carpet choice

Believe it or not, someone had the brilliant idea to choose this carpet for the stairs. They probably play the Life game on hard just for fun.

Crappy Design 14

3. Crappy poster design

Probably the person who designed this poster did not have the chance to enjoy the Erasmus ‘life-changing experience’. If you want to avoid becoming this person, apply for an Erasmus scholarship ASAP!

Crappy DEsign 13

4. Crappy bus advertisment

We constantly complain about how this generation has lost interest in school. If we don’t clarify the message, they’ll just end up doing silly stuff, like quitting school.

Crappy Design 12

5. Crappy direction sign

So you just had an accident and your friend drove you to the hospital. Now let’s do the game of guessing – where should you go to reach room 113, to the right or to the left? Sure you have plenty of time to think about it, there’s no emergency.

Crappy design 11

6. Crappy drain design

We heard about the mythical drain that actually collects water. But no one has ever seen one. We gave up searching for it long time ago.

Crappy design 10

7. Crappy banner design

Protesting is serious stuff. People usually take to the streets their strongest messages. The most efficient way to transmit a message is to think about the core idea and send it out straight away, without any trace of doubt.

Crappy Design 9

8. Crappy window design.

Allegedly, a company decided to renovate its offices and someone got stuck with this lovely room. Maybe natural light does not help you increase your productivity. Who knows where the renovators got the brilliant idea.

Crappy design 8

9. Crappy flyer design

If you look really careful, you can see they advertise a workshop on migration related legal issues. But what is the message and why would I be interested. Maybe they want us to be so enraged that we would attend it just to bash them for the crappy flyer.

Crappy Design 7

10. Crappy pie chart design

We said pie chart, but this example hardly qualifies as one. In fact, we wonder if the person who designed it actually went to high-school. Or is there some kind of sorcery happening at their school like playing with the time machine?

Crappy Design 6

11. Crappy vending machine design

The company who designed this knows far too well that vending machines are the first choice when you want an exquisite slow meal. You need to take your time to assess the rich menu and combine your main course with an adequate side dish. Actually, the legend is that someone starved to death next to this machine while trying to select a simple chocolate bar.

Crappy design 5

12. Crappy yoghourt bottle design

To be fair, this is not crappy design. It does the job well, the bottle has the classical shape and it’s easy to grab. But my gods, how misleading this is! Or maybe this yoghourt does an excellent job as a window cleaner too. Give it a try and let us know!

Crappy Design 4

13. Crappy gun design

Actually, it is kind of difficult to find another position for the pressure gauge on an air-gun. Even if owners of air-guns should know how much pressure they need and always check it when the gun is not loaded, we can’t stop stop thinking that some are careless enough to point the gun to their heads.

Crappy Design 3

14. Crappy poster design

People argue that we are not dealing with a crappy design here so much as with brutal sincerity.

Crappy design 2

15. Crappy business sign design

This thing is wrong an every level. Like any other idea would have been better. It is the most upvoted worst design on the subreddit.

Crappy Design 1



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