10 Crazy Entertainment Services for Adventure Seekers

Although most people like to play it safe, and the climax of their life is playing WOW with their friends, others are avid adventure seekers, who will stop at nothing to have some fun. In this day and age, people are always trying to do something outrageous. If you thought bungee-jumping and cliff-diving was something to be proud of, just wait ’till you take a look at one of the following crazy entertainment services provided to adventurous (and slightly mad) individuals.

For those who are searching for the ultimate thrill, no matter how bizarre, breath-taking or awesome, these service provides will cater for your needs, or your nightmares. These radical, out-of-the box ideas will probably make you redefine the idea of entertainment.

1. The Kidnapping Experience


If you thought kidnapping is a horrible experience, but wasn’t sure, you can try it out for yourself. A French company called Ultime Realite, can offer you a complete, simulated kidnapping experience for 1000-3000$. The concept is simple. After you have registered for the experience, you will be stalked for 5-7 days, be seized by men in black and tossed in a trunk.

Once you arrive to the holding cell or another undisclosed location you will be robbed, interrogated, threatened and even tortured, if this is the kind of experience that you are looking for. Usually, captivity will last for a maximum of 11 hours, and a negotiator will be brought in to discuss your terms.

2. Russian Fighter Pilot Experience


There is nothing better than flying thousands of feet above the ground. Ok, maybe the Russian Fighter Pilot experience is better. There are crazy entertainment services that actually let you experience the ultimate thrill experience on Earth. They are called FlyFighterJet, and for only 16.000$ you can book a custom flight in a Russian Mig 29 Fulcrum Aircraft which will take you 72.000 feet above the ground.

If you want, you can even control the fighter aircraft as it screams through vertical rolls. The grand finale offers a terrifying low elevation pass above Russian countryside.

3. Sahara Desert Marathon


Here’s an interesting experience for the more athletic individual. If you truly wish to torture your body, there are crazy entertainment services that can help you take part in the Sahara Desert Marathon. The idea is simple, you pai 4.000$ to sign up, and run over 250 kilometers across Sahara’s hottest dunes and rocky terrains. In case you were wondering, this is considered the most difficult run on Earth, and preparations may even last 3 years. Some participants even died from it.

4. Night Dive with Manta Rays


I’m not sure if I would have the heart for this experience, but there are apparently many thrill-seekers who have signed up for it. The crazy entertainment services that provide with such an experience are experts at scuba-diving and they promise an unforgettable dive with these enormous creatures that flight through water with their wings. Manta Rays, also known as Devilish can be seen in their natural habitat, and while they do not deliberately hunt humans, they are still pretty large, and can swallow big objects whole. They also have teeth…

5. Antarctic Ocean Kayaking


What could be so dangerous about kayaking? Nothing really… Except if you are doing it in the frozen waters of Antarctica. If you want this experience you must travel to the Tierre del Fuego, the southernmost tip of South America, and travel to the Antartic ice sheets. If kayaking in -70F temperature, between ice-bergs and penguins is your life long dream, then you have found the perfect activity. Oh, just one more thing, man eating leopard seals can always appear out of nowhere and tip your kayak.

What do you think about these crazy entertainment services provided? If you were to take part in one, which would it be? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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