Crazy Gadgets That Have Got to Be Worth Giving a Try

The world is full of crazy gadgets but which ones are worth giving a try? The following are some that look weird but that might just enhance your life.

The Metal Detecting Sandals

Crazy Gadgets

Have you ever considered the possiblity of finding a treasure trove of buried Roman coins when you go on a beach vacation? It would certainly help to pay for all those trips to the local bars to get wasted every day. These sandals look comfortable enough that you might forget that you are looking for gold in the sand until the unit starts beeping uncontrollably and you fall to your knees to thank the good Lord.

The Ostrich Pillow

Crazy Gadgets

Sleeping in the airport is one of life’s most difficult things to do, right up there with listening to an entire Leonard Cohen album and standing on one leg while waving your arms round in circles. I once tried combining all of these things but fell over and woke up before So Long Marianne had even finished or my flight had been called. The Ostrich Pillow might just have helped me.

The B Tourist

Crazy Gadgets

Do you long for a bit of privacy on long flights? With the help of the B Tourist you can get up to all sorts of unsavoury stuff which only the passing air stewards will be able to see. They’ve seen a lot worse, so that won’t be a problem.

The Bone Fone

Crazy Gadgets

Why did this thing never take off in the way it deserved to do? The Bone Fone is the product of that grey area where technological innovation crashes into utter nonsense and comes out battered and bruised. Basically, it’s a radio that sends sound waves through your bones. I can imagine that it is good for followers of Metallica, Megadeth and possibly even Spinal Tap. Probably not so exciting for Leonard Cohen fans. You might still get lucky and find an old one for sale online.

The Travel Bidet

Crazy Gadgets

Having the ability to effectively clean my nether regions while travelling is an issue that I haven’t ever spent too long thinking about. However, upon some gentle reflection just now I can see that it is a good thing. Just think; while you are seated in a plane you could slip on your cunning B Tourist contraption for hiding behind and then give yourself a good clean.

The USB Pregnancy Test

Crazy Gadgets

Do you want to know if you are pregnant but find the idea of peeing on a strip of paper just so last century? In that case, you want a USB pregnancy test. Trust me, you really do. It works pretty much in the way you would expect it do, so you might want to practise squatting over your laptop just now.

Anti Wrinkle Glasses

Crazy Gadgets

We all worry about the wrinkles round our eyes once we get to a certain age. Thankfully, you can now live in a wrinkle free heaven thanks to these glasses. I was going to try and explain how they work but the pictures on the packaging explain the concept far better than I ever could. They even give you back a little smile, so they’ve got to be worth a try.

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