Creative advertising about children’s safety

creative-advertising-about-childrens 3Hospital Aleman in Argentina is advertising a health plan for children with eminent posters that will draw your attention for sure. The ads are all about what parents say that their children should do, and what the little ones actually do in reality.

creative-advertising-about-childrens 1 creative-advertising-about-childrens 2 It makes you consider your child’s safety. Check out this creative ad on a bus in Holland.


  1. Maybe the ads should give advice on what to do, instead of just telling parents that what they’re doing isn’t working. not only that, but it doesn’t look like there’s anyway to get more info on the subject. so what’s even the point?

  2. An Ad can't give advice in a didactic way or it would lose it's impact. The idea is to suggest a viewpoint graphically. These ads do this very well. You forget the words, much like your child forgets what you told them to do/not do, but the images stick.
    Presumably the complete ad would feature a URL/phone number/society name for more information.

  3. Really? The statement I get is pay more attention to your kids. Would your kid get away with eating 40 cookies when your there sharing and participating with them? the answer is emphatically “NO”

    Message from Ads “your kids health and safety is in your hands, do something about it”

  4. I think the message is more like "sooner or later something will happen, because kids do dangerous things even if u tell them not to, so u better get Heath insurance "

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