Creative and amusing custom designed sneakers


Daniel Reese or how he calls himself “Sneaker Freaker” is 21 years old designer of these unusual and unique sneakers. He is taking plain Nike shoes and turning them into playful part of your outfit. The themes that he is using are web, video games, music, movies, comics and many other pop culture designs.

If you want to own one of these sneakers or any other with custom made designs, you can order them from his web shop. One pair of these shoes will cost you about $260 and usually Daniel need 4-6 weeks to make them.



Video games

supersonic-sneakersSuper Sonic

tails-sneakers Miles “Tails” Prower

kunckles-sneakersKnuckles the Echidna

pac-man-sneakers Pacman

super-mario-sneakers Super Mario

bioshock-sneakers Bioshock


michael-jackson-sneakers Michael Jackson

thriler-sneakers Michael Jackson / Thriller


lennon-sneakers John Lennon


Bob Marley

2pac-sneakers 2 Pac

kid-cudi Kid Cudi



Justice League

green-lantern-sneakers Green Latern

flash-sneakers Flash

captain-america-sneakers Captain America

batman-sneakers Batman


kick-ass-sneakers Kick-Ass

vendeta-sneakers V for Vendetta

reservoir-dogs Reservoir Dogs

kbill-sneakers Kill Bill

ironman-sneakers Iron Man

the-simpsons-sneakers The Simpsons


  1. Very nice…the only one I have a problem with is the RUN DMC shoe… kind of hard seeing the creators of “My Adidas” brandished on the side of a Nike.

  2. If John Lennon were alive to discover his face was being painted upon Nike shoes, the corporate company which uses slave labour, he would not be best pleased. Great artwork, but just consider your audience.

  3. if you look carefully you can see they are all the same template with different artwork applied. I doubt any of these have ever been made physically and probably only exist in these pictures

  4. meh, i applaud the effort, but most of these are just computer images slapped on the side of a shoe template. Lets see some real handmade work!

  5. It’s not that hard to use the Multiply blending option and mask sections of a sneaker in Photoshop. Anyone creatively-forward and Photoshop-savvy could of very well had their own nifty little article about their EPIC shoe designs.

  6. are these for reall if so send me a catalog please you guys n gals rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so keep up the good work bye for now and have a wonder full day ok..bye…

  7. Michael Jackson ones are fail. Had an afro durring off the wall era, and no afro in thriller. Attention to detail.

  8. cool idea, but he’s charging that much and showing products that were photoshopped… i would hate to buy a pair and find out what i thought i bought was just a piece of crp once it came in the mail. you can tell that these are just images slapped on top of the shoe, made partially transparent in the areas where it was necessary to show the shoe shading, and faded, then it was just cut in the areas where the shoe finished. some of those parts are badly erased. also, the image doesn’t curve with the shoe. that’s why when you look at it, it has a sort of “unnatural” feel. because if it was actually painted onto the shoe, it would follow the curvature of the shoe.

    anyway. don’t buy them.

  9. The Sonic ones are made from stolen artwork. The guy who made that art has never even been contacted about it and doesn’t get a penny from it. Bad form, mate. Bad form.

  10. I’m sorry all these shoes are sick. Each ones unique n highly detailed. I will definitely be trying to get a pair off these for my kicks collection.

  11. you can’t buy these, an artist made them. definitely not mass produced if he has even made them at all. he probably just photoshopped these as ideas, not saying he hasnt made any of them but thatd be expensive for him to buy that many dunks and painting shoes properly takes a lot of time and effort.

  12. To go with the “Um, Iron Man should be under comics” comment, so should V for Vendetta and Kick Ass. Most movies today were some sort of book (or other film) first.

    As for the artwork, I assume it’s all stolen.

  13. I love the Green Lantern ones. I’d love to buy a pair like those for my boyfriend. Where can I buy them??

  14. Yes, these are computer generated images to give an idea of designs, but the guy does make these by hand on request, and will even do designs of your choice as well as the ones up there. You can find him on facebook and email him for details.

  15. Buyer beware. My daughther ordered and payd GBP 120 for the Bob Marley shoes in May 2011 but never received the shoes. Despite many promises we never got our money back. Lots of customers from BrassMonki have the same problem! Brass Monkey is unreliable. Daniel Reese steels money from his customers.

  16. Hello I would like I could how provide myself the model of shoes with marley Bob thank you in advance

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