The Most Creative Chocolate Gifts You’ll Instantly Adore

Chocolate Gifts

When in need of a quick and certain way to impress a beloved one, there are some things that will probably never get old and that always seem to do the trick. Gifting flowers, watches, or mugs (yes, mugs) are some of those things that not even the most pretentious people can turn down. You obviously can’t diminish the thoughtfulness of a bouquet of flowers, the expensiveness of a watch, or the general practicality of a mug. Whether it’s coffee, tea, soup, or any other beverage, I find it hard to believe that there are people who never use mugs for anything.

Although all of these gifts are definitely nice, I have yet to see one that manages to light up someone’s eyes the way chocolate does. Someone once told me to never trust people who don’t like chocolate – any kind of chocolate. With such a huge variety scattered around the markets of literally every single place in the world, how can someone dislike all types of chocolates? This is why you can generally never go wrong. Not only is it a nice gesture of appreciation (with romantic connotations if you will), but it’s also an implosion of glee-inducing heavenly tastes – scientifically proven, nonetheless.

So, when chocolate gifts are being presented as tokens of appreciation all over the place, what can you do to make your present stand out more? You reinvent it, obviously. These following suggestions are creative ideas that have taken the classic chocolate box and reshaped it in a way that will make your beloved’s jaws drop in awe. They might be a tad riskier, but if you hit the nail on the head, you’ll be able to say that you’ve made a memorable chocolate gift.

Chocolate Gifts

The “L” in “Chocolate” Means Luxury

The line between a trivial something and a truly special something can be often drawn by quality. Impress your loved ones by offering them some chocolate gifts that are as unexpected as they are refined and unique. A company in London called L’artisan du Chocolate produces “chocolate pearls,” which are pralines coated in a smooth ganache layer and edible pearlescent silver glazing on top of it. As the name strongly suggests, they resemble the look of the sophisticated pearls, which is bound to make anyone think twice before indulging in one of those finely decorated boxes.

If you want to go for the whole experience, don’t get something that only looks luxurious. Acquire something for the truly expensive sweet tooth. For example, DeLafee makes truffles that blend fine Swiss chocolate with edible (and very much real) gold. Everything from the packaging to the taste is going to leave an everlasting impression on the person on the receiving end.

Chocolate Gifts

Personalize the Chocolate

Choosing chocolate gifts like this are going to show that you also know the person you are offering it to. Who wouldn’t smile at the prospect of someone paying attention to their hobbies, interests, and passions? There are many chocolate producers out there that can take pretty much any mundane object and turn it into a chocolaty delight. Is your beloved a shoe lover? Christophe Artisan Chocolatier – Patissier, for example, crafts chocolate sculptures that will make you feel incredibly weird about taking a bite out of one.

If you really want to go beyond the “subtle personalizing” zone, you may even want to try pasting your beloved’s face on one of those gifts. M&M’s, for instance, offers the possibility to create custom bags. Someone might feel a bit odd when they’re presented with an M&M’s bag as a gift, but once they open it and find plenty of the mini chocolaty treats covered in messages and pictures, they’re definitely going to be won over. For the ones who really, really wish to go all the way through, companies such as ChocoArt and Choc Edge can even reproduce a person’s head and turn it into a chocolate bust replica. This is all thanks to the innovative wonders of the latest 3D-printing technology. As long as you don’t think biting off their own head will be mildly strange for your beloved one, by all means – go for it.

Chocolate Gifts

Pretty Much Anything Covered in Chocolate

What’s better than chocolate itself? Chocolate covering other things, obviously. The number one choice, in this case, is the classic chocolate covered strawberry, with many companies offering these treats in attractive baskets and boxes. Shari’s Berries, for example, has a variety of fruity wonders up for grabs that involve more than just dipping them in a chocolate fountain. So, not only are they tasty, but they’re completely working the fun aesthetic that will make eating them so much more pleasant.

Fruits aren’t the only options here, though. For the coffee lover, there are producers who offer chocolate covered espresso beans. Those who live the exotic lifestyle might enjoy taking a slice of Chocolate Pizza’s Company, well, chocolate pizza. They even get specific about it, allowing customers to choose whether they want their chocolate to be milky, dark, or white. Last but not least, if you’re unsure or undecided, you may opt for one of Ghiradelli’s assortment tins, which contain chocolate covered almonds, peanuts, blueberries, raisins, cherries, and espresso beans.

Chocolate Gifts

Serve a Glass of Chocolate

Solid isn’t the only way to enjoy chocolate. There are some truly unique combinations on the market that are likely going to make you (and the person you’re gifting them to) question everything you know. One of these products is Chocolate Shop’s Sparkling Chocolate Red Wine, which, as the name suggests, blends the sweet marvel with the taste of red wine. But wait – there’s more. The company offers more than the classic previously mentioned, also providing bottles of strawberry chocolate wine and chocolate mint wine.

Perhaps chocolate in alcohol isn’t something that you think would work well for your dear one. In this case, you need to turn your attention to Republic of Tea, a company that brings the soothing taste of chocolate to our afternoon tea cup. The variety is impressive, with some of the most notable variants being banana, peppermint, red velvet, strawberry, and coconut chocolate.

Chocolate is an incredibly versatile ingredient. In the hands of a skilled person, it can be mixed with pretty much anything or turned into something completely crazy, like a screwdriver, a sculpture, or even edible clothes. Needless to say, there are many ways in which you can turn chocolate into a creative gift and those mentioned above are definitely hot suggestions.

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