Creative Date Ideas for the Young at Heart

So, the first date is out of the way and now you don’t know where to take him or her for the next couple of date? You want something cheap, but romantic and preferably not the classic dinner and a movie route. Or maybe you’re married and you’re looking to put back the spark in your romantic life or you’re celebrating an anniversary? Or maybe you’re getting ready for Valentines Day! Either way, we’ve got some of the most creative date ideas that are quite inexpensive and super fun!

Snow Bunnycreative date ideas bunny slope

The winter appears to have settled in nicely, so why don’t you grab your loved one and head over to the closest ski slopes? It’s one of those dates where nobody could ever get bored or uncomfortable because of the awkward silence. You’ll both be all over the place, laughing, having fun and most likely falling a lot. It’s really a perfect date if you can stand the cold!

Urban Hikecreative date ideas urban hike

Another great and creative date idea perfect first to take your love interest on an urban hike. It’s almost free (save for the cost of the gas or bus tickets) and you’ll feel like teenagers again roaming the city for something exciting to do. You can take your significant other to the neighborhood you grew up, or maybe take them to where you went to school. Hop in the car and drive around and let inspiration hit you both. It’s a lovely way of bonding and spending time together, much better than going on for drinks and talking about the places you grew up.

Dance Me Till the End of Time

creative date ideas dance


The dating period is somewhat rough, isn’t it? You’re still getting to know each other and see if you’re a good match before you decide to take things to the next level, whatever that may mean to you. That’s why we recommend you take your date to a dance studio and see if you two match on the dance floor. With the risk of sounding a bit crass, you know how they say that you can tell a lot about a person’s behavior under the sheets at night after how they act on the dance floor? Whether you’re in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta or NYC, you’re bound to find a dance studio that accepts absolute beginner couples.

Game Night is ONcreative date ideas game night

Feed the geek inside with an intense session of games. If you know that your guy or girl enjoys board games or video games, then plan a surprise game night where the two of you are going to spend hours competing against each other or against an evil Master Mind. What’s pretty great about this type of date is that you can see how they react when they’re defeated. You can tell a lot about a person by how they react when playing games. Try pushing a few wrong buttons and see if they snap, you’ll be glad you found out now and now a couple of months later when you’re talking about moving in together. Remember to always mind the red flags, they are there for a reason!

Volunteercreative date ideas soup kitchen

With the holiday season approaching fast, how about you and your loved one do something nice for the less fortunate and volunteer at a soup kitchen? It is a great way to get to know each other and also to help others. With the risk of sounding selfish, you’ll feel quite good about yourself after you’ve done this, so give it a try! You know someone’s a keeper, if they volunteer!


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