Creative Silhouettes Of Famous Pop Cultural Figures

Creative genius” and “most influential pop culture artist of our time” is just a few ways to describe Olly Moss. He is showing his talent in his first solo exhibition called Paper Cuts. The incredible art pieces are actually paper silhouettes of famous pop cultural characters like the Joker, Bruce Willis from Die Hard, Boba Fett and Pinocchio among many others.

The pieces are drawn, cut by laser, mounted and framed at the end. Not to mention Moss had thousands of fans that waited in line 24 hours before the exhibitions started, and of course all of his pieces are sold out. The artist himself couldn’t believe what was happening; he was even tweeting: “Totally crazy, was not expecting that at all!”. He also said in an interview that he is never going to stop with pop culture art, and that it has become an obsession that he simply loves. And we just hope he continues to have those feelings, because we love his work and can’t wait for more. While waiting we recommend you to check out a little more detailed silhouettes of historical figures on toast sandwiches.


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