The Creepy Santas You Don’t Want to Let Down Your Chimney

Santa is one of those cheery characters who add a bit of joy, mystery and charm to the world. Err, except when he goes all weird and creepy.

Here are some of the most creepy Santa pictures to make you think twice about leaving out milk and cookies for the chubby chap this year.

The Stern Santa

Creepy Santas

Isn’t Mr Claus meant to be unfailingly cheery? This guy looks like he should be working in a post office and frowning whenever you ask for another stamp. Don’t build your hopes up on this stern Santa bringing your kids the gifts they asked for this year.

The Toothy Santa

Creepy Santas

Is it just me or should be there some unwritten rule that Santa shouldn’t ever bare his teeth? Maybe there is and this wacky Father Christmas was just being rebellious.

The Crying Santa

Creepy Santas

The interview for a role as Santa should be quite simple really. You’ve got the gut, red looks good on you and you aren’t allergic to fake beards. The job’s yours. Hang on though; a couple of screaming brats aren’t likely to reduce you to tears, are they?

Creepy Santa and the Big Kid

Creepy Santas

There are at least 3 questions that came rushing urgently into my mind when I first saw this photo. First of all, why is a grown man sitting on creepy Santa’s knee? Secondly, why did he choose to take a woodwind instrument into the grotto with him? Then there is the third point, about the weirdly skimpy clothing the man-child has on.

The Young Santa

Creepy Santas

There’s something not quite right about this photo, isn’t there? Is it maybe the fact that Santa looks younger than the person sitting on his youthful knees? This baby faced bringer of Christmas joy looks as though he should be writing his own list of things he wants.

The Really Creepy Santa

Creepy Santas

What in the name of Rudolph is going on here? That isn’t just the creepiest Santa I have ever seen, it is also the creepiest thing in general I have had the blinding misfortune to set my eyes on. Speaking of eyes, since when did Santa Claus not have any?

The Shifty Santa

Creepy Santas

This is a festive cheer bringer I wouldn’t trust to get within a million miles of my chimney. Apart from the downright shifty eyes you only have to look at the rakish angle of his wrist to see that this is a Santa not to be messed with.

The Dangerously Unbalanced Santa

Creepy Santas

If Jack Nicholson were to play Claus this is the kind of dangerously unbalanced look he would bring to the role.

The Snarling Santa

Creepy Santas

I honestly don’t know where to start with this creep Santa. Well, let’s see; why are the two girls apparently so much taller than him? And why is he grimacing or snarling? The girl with the puzzled look is definitely on the Naughty list this year, I reckon.

Sleepy Santa

Creepy Santas

Here’s a tip for any Santas this year; take a nap before meeting the kids. It’s a long shift picking up children all day long and listening to their long lists of unnecessary things they want. It’s enough to send anyone off for a quick nap.

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