5 Dangerous and Crazy Diets People Follow

Ah, the subject of dieting, this ever – expanding topic that sometimes explores human lack of self preservation, desperation, some sick dark corner nobody admits they have and self – torture. Why the harsh tone and language? Because even if we live in a world where science starts to explain everything that was once mysterious and unknown, even if we live in a world where technology can actually save our lives and offer us a better future, there are still some people who seem to live under the rocks in a cave sometimes in the prehistoric era who just don’t get that following a diet isn’t the same thing with erasing willingly everything that medicine, chemistry and science in general have been teaching us for the past… 100 years, let’s say? Statistic show that a greater number of scientists are making efforts to demonstrate women (mostly) that some styles of life are quite detrimental and against any healthy diet’s principles. Lists have been issued, interviews were taken, paper articles were written and yet, instead of witnessing an increase in the population’s awareness, we have our news feeds bombarded with new “miraculous” diets which promise fabulous weigh loss in a blink of an eye. Today we will take a look over 5 dangerous and crazy diets people follow and let you decide what’s right and wrong between eating more fruits and vegetables and engaging in sports activities versus eating cotton balls.

5. The Paleolithic Diet

paleolithic food pyramid

It sounds all good and healthy, doesn’t it? Base your life regimen on those products that were available to humans prior to their brilliant idea of starting to farm. Why do you think they started to farm anyway? The wild meat, fish, nuts, some fruits and some vegetables should have been enough to live long and prosper, right? This diet contains a lot of good stuff, but it lacks also the better stuff like whole grains, a lot of vegetables and fruits, a lot of dairy products and a lot of nutrients as well.

4. The bio-typing diet

bio type diet

These people eat certain groups and categories of foods and products in order to tamper with their hormone balance and thus lose fatty tissue and weight in certain areas. Depending on their bio-type, they carefully select what to eat and what to avoid, in order to keep themselves fit and hip. The British Dietetic Association calls this “pseudo – science” and even if it would be hard science, remember the key concept: tampering with hormones, adding nutritional supplements (mostly in the shape of pills and powders). What part of this sounds truly safe and healthy?

3. The Tapeworm Diet


Thank Goodness it was banned by the FDA, otherwise our hospitals would have been filled with tapeworm – infested brain scenarios they would break even doctor House’s self confidence in the success of hard science based medicine. People, at some point, thought that ingesting a tapeworm (inside a pill) is somehow a sane thing to do in order to lose weight, as the tapeworm allegedly was feeding on the food people ate on a regular basis. It didn’t take long to understand that tapeworms ate also people’s nutrients and if not eliminated, they could produce incommensurable damage.

2. The cotton ball diet

cotton ball diet

Among all the dangerous and crazy diets people follow, this one must originate out of a torture movie or something. Imagine people eating cotton balls dipped in some juice or lemonade to full their bodies and brains that they are not hungry anymore. A wise observation was made by scientists: those cotton balls usually are not made 100% of bio cotton and can also contain bleach and other chemicals. So why is this better than having tea or light yoghurt, if you’re obsessed with some kind of volumetric diet?

1. Breatharian Diet

bretharian diet

Some people referred to the Dukan diet in terms of “idiotic” and “dangerous” so imagine a bunch of people who actually believe they can survive with air and sunlight and don’t need to consume nor food nor water. We wish them a happy, healthy life and praise natural selection, as it never fails to straight things up on this planet!

Oh, don’t you for a second believe that these are the only dangerous and crazy diets people follow, not by far! Read, get informed and get out of under the rock. Nowadays, we can diet, we can practice all sorts of sports with the help of all sorts of awesome gadgets, we can thrive and we can eat all we like, without becoming victims of so called miracles, scams with good marketing and promises to inherit the world after the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

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