Death Penalty Facts – Pro and Against Arguments

Death penalty facts often present it as a capital punishment and is determined as the killing of individuals by legal process as penalties for an offence. In previous decades, it used to be performed by hanging, but these days it is regularly executed by deadly hypodermic injection. Amnesty International has many times pronounced itself against this type of penalty that is still commonly used in several countries around the world.

One key discussion among sociologists is if the death penalty is a crime deterrent. Some individuals believe that such penalties can diminish other crimes because we have been using these punitive measures to prevent potential criminals from committing grave offenses for many years. The idea says that such potential killers see the other criminals being executed and this will make them thinking more before committing a criminal activity.

Such pro theories are very hard to test because it takes a long time to execute people due to functioning of the current criminal rights system. Some criminologists believe that death penalty facts are the greatest obstruction in the way of any crime because it incapacitates the perpetrator completely.

The reverse discussion regarding the facts about death penalty is that they are not deterrent for potential criminals. Sociologists claim that it is no more of an obstruction then spending the rest of the life in jail. Another idea is that potential criminals are not discouraged because they do not want to be captured and they commit crimes of passion. Many specialists say that the information regarding criminal activities, especially juvenile ones, show that they are not reduced in the regions of USA where the death penalty is not introduced yet, thus not a very practical obstruction to criminal rates.

Another flaming cons discussion is retribution. Its point of view is that persons who commit killings have to pay for these crimes and theorizes the eye for an eye mindset. Generally, if an individual is killed then the one who committed this criminal act should also die. This idea is based on the religious viewpoints and the states that support death penalties, especially in Texas, claim that the government does not have to spend major costs for food, clothes and protection to killers when there are a lot more worthy individuals who are missing these financial facilities.

Another reason why groups in America are supporting death penalties is based on feelings and the theory is that the families of the victims should get closure and the execution of the offenders will bring this about.

death penalty by lethal injection

On the anti argument side, the death penalty facts are not a sufficient mean of retribution for any of the parts involved. According to the sociologists, the retribution is just another term for vengeance. Some will argue that being a supporter for death penalty makes us to have a bunch of wrong feelings about violence.

Plenty of specialists believe that our ever growing dependency on drastic penalties represents the sign that, slowly, we are losing the last bits of regard for human life. Statistics until 2013 and onwards have found lots of individuals who claim that a death penalty charge is a simple way out for the killers because this way they can evade the jail punishment where assault and sexual violence are common practices.

In summary, the sociological groups are separated over the interesting subject of death penalties. There are many arguments when trying to evaluate this problem because of the legal and psychological ways in which these complicated processes are performed. Even more difficult than this, is being completely objective and with a clear mind about such difficult topics that are mentally charged and with a focus on religious and spiritual beliefs.


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