Definitely World’s ugliest dogs

ugliestdog Gus, a Chinese naked dog from St. Petersburg Florida was proclaimed as The world’s ugliest dog at the dog show Sonoma-Marin in California. One of his legs are amputated because of skin cancer, and he only got one eye. The owner, Jeanenne Teed, exulted and was very grateful when her dog won the competition.


uglycutedog Archi, World’s ugliest dog from 2006

dogugly Elwood, champion of 2007

worldugliestdog Sam, legendary dog, winner of the 2005 title.


  1. I don’t get why a dog with a missing eye and leg are is proclaimed World’s Ugliest Dog. I don’t even know why the human companion was even grateful to win that award. It’s demeaning. If a human with one leg and one eye won the World’s Ugliest Person award, so many people would be offended.

  2. these people are so crule to these puppies! these puppies are adorable why do people abuse them so much? just cause they have a leg missing or an eye gone dosent make them ugly! but sam… thats just scary thats just an ugly dog no offence but thats just not cute

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