A different but hilarious pregnancy tips book

hospital Couples that expect their first baby are excited and often want to buy baby books to be prepared. David and Kelly Sopp wanted to create a baby book with a funny twist on how to keep the baby safe while pregnant. It’s perfect as a gift on a baby shower, it will surely make the expectant parents laugh.

pregnancy-tips-book-cover yourmaternity yoga working tests symptoms Swimwear shower-games sharing-clothes sharing recording packing labor fluids exercise choosing ridingpublictransportwrong ridingpublictransportrightcravings cravings2 An other creative way to show how to keep the small ones safe, are this advertisement about what children do but parents say. Check out today’s blast and


  1. this book suits for pregnant redneck so they know how to behave ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Very funny and entertaining…
    but very advantage too for us when we reach at that time…

  3. @Samuel

    caught the nail ! ROFL

    can’t serve up labor pang justice with just a regular old board xD

    seriously, when my tiny wife delivered our daughter, had her hand on my arm and a labor pain (they come on quick) caused her to squeeze tight. OMG! I thought my arm was going to snap!
    Luckily, just before whimpering, I realized that it was probably a thousandth of what she was feeling!

  4. Avoid fructose when pregnant. The stuff is not as bad as alcohol, but it’s still very, very bad. It’s also in most food&beverages.

  5. Womens be wimps. Womens have more pain sensors per square cm skin than males. Additionally males brains are wired to receive less pain stimulus messages.
    Women child–birth pains? Over-rated, over-hyped, and a cry for recognition at being the “selfess martyr”.
    Tearing both hamstrings and achilles tendons during strong man event= real pain.

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