Disney as you’ve Never Seen it Before

Artists nowadays allow themselves to be inspired by all there is around them and it’s no wonder that they sometimes combine what seem to be the most un-mixable elements in their work. But more often than not, in doing so, they offer viewers unique insights to not only themselves but also the world they imagine. Art has never been nor will it ever become a battlefield, no matter how grotesque some pieces may look and as art is the common ground that unites all human beings on a plane of appreciation and awe, let’s marvel together in the work of five artists that have chosen to utilize some of the most curious elements of inspiration, Disney, in new and hilarious ways.

Grumpy Cat meets Disney

There is virtually no one who has used the internet and has failed to hear about or stumble across Grumpy Cat. If by any chance you are someone who has no clue who Grumpy Cat is…well. You need to find out. Artist Eric Proctor decided that what Disney needed was a bit of Grumpy Cat in key scenes throughout their films and decided to add the forever disgusted feline in their illustrations. The result was both amusing and a testimony to his talent: his unique style, the quality of his work and his accuracy makes these pieces worth admiring:






X-Ray Princess

Chris Panda, a very talented French artist decided to also have a go at Disney illustrations by having them interact with one of the most relevant inventions in medicine: the X-Ray. He therefore went on to present Disney characters who he had X-Ray scanned, in order to show viewers the inner workings of characters that had us amused throughout our childhood. Characters like Ariel, Alice, Flounder, Bambi and many more have been given a new look:










Real Life Heroines

While some of us wanted to play together with Donald, Mickey and Minnie as we were children, a Finnish artist living in England, Jirka Väätäinen, carried his desire to bring his favorite Disney characters to life well throughout his adult years, so much so that he dedicated his photographic skills and talent to accomplish this. His work is comprised of several collages of images, which, when put together, make the animated character seem alive. Images that were created by this artist are already bringing him a lot of fame among enthusiasts of this technique, and we will surely be seeing much more of him as time goes by.






Somewhat Darker Wonderland

Kei Acedera, a remarkably talented digital artist has gone to some lengths to incorporate a great deal of emotion into her work. The creations she has published are not just spectacular because of her exquisite use of color, unending imagination and perfect use of light, but also because of her immense talent. She has been given the trust of Tim Burton in illustrating Alice in Wonderland, that of Disney Studios, Sony, Harper Collins and many more.



Is There a Sexy Side to Disney?

Last but not least on our list is Aida, a Ukrainian artist also on the search for fuller, richer and more realistic Disney characters, but who, as upposed to Jirka, decided to also add a bit of sass, color and sex-appeal to her creations. The result was something that led us to believe that Marilyn had met Snow-White:




Whether these artists have improved upon or just recreated Disney according to their own phantasies, one thing is clear: neither of them is missing talent or vision.

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