Unique and Creative DIY Table Ideas

We’d think that one can only buy tables that are already crafted but in fact we can also make several types of tables if we only have the correct ingredients and a bit of creativity to go along with it. Why simply buy something that you need to incorporate into a room when you can actually make something that already goes perfectly with it? Here are some of our favorite do it yourself tables:

Log Slice Table


Number one on our list of DIY Table ideas is the log table. Who said a log can’t make a wonderful coffee or decorative table? All you need to do is find someone with a steady hand (or an electric chainsaw) to cut your table to the desired length. Then polish it and cover it in varnish (these you can find at your local home depot shop). Last but not least attach legs (or if it’s smaller, put it on top of a simple 4 legged chair) and presto! A table that is both romantic and unique.

Old Record Side Table


Who said you can’t turn an old record into a sophisticated side table? All you need is your trusty glue gun and a planter stand (you can paint over it if you want to but black works wonderfully as well) and that record- put them all together and you’re all set.

Wine Crate Coffee Table


This elegant yet budget friendly coffee table requires 4 wine crates to build and a lot of imagination. You can either stack the crates on top of each-other or put them in a circle leaving the middle empty for plants or a gigantic vase and then decorate the sides with books or candles. Looks absolutely stunning doesn’t it?

Reused Suitcase


Do you have an old suitcase and a broken side table that you don’t know what to do with? How about combining them into a quirky yet interesting table? Granted it’s just for those of you with a lot of guts but if you are up for the challenge, you’ve got yourself a table! The great news about it is that you can store books in the suitcase.

Window Table


Another excellent idea is to reuse an old window as a table- close the bottom with a bit of plywood and take away the locks so that the window (turned table) opens easily, put it on top of some legs and you’re finished. Simple with a side of out-of-the-box, and a bonus space for storage.

Chicken Crate


More and more home owners are embracing DIY home design since it is more affordable and extremely personal. It can help them convert a space without having to invest too much money, and sometimes all they need is an old crate or table which can be found at a flea market. Here’s a perfect example of DIY table ideas that are easy to make. This is actually extremely good looking in a simple living room- take the chicken crate and paint it so that it belongs to the color palette of your room and add some decoration items to tie everything together.

Tree Logs Handiwork


You can always repurpose old wood by sawing it and putting it together as a coffee table. Logs and sanded grout were used to create this beautiful table that would not only look good in a secluded cabin but also in any stylish living room with lots of natural light. Place your table on wheels so that it can be moved freely and effortlessly and make sure to sand off any splinters! This concludes our list of DIY table ideas, we hope you find what you are looking for.

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