Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations Unique Ideas For A Fabulous Wedding



Do it yourself wedding invitations are a trend every bride has to try when it comes to having everything close to perfection,  for the most important day of her life.

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect and lets not talk about unique. Every little detail has to be thought in an original and personalised way and future brides are always very picky. If you don’t have a lot of money in your pocket and your wedding budget is quite limited, maybe do it yourself wedding invitations would be the perfect idea.

First of all you have to know what you are looking for and what you are trying to transmit. Once that is settled the internet is your source of inspiration and help. The idea of a do it yourself wedding invitation is to add your creative touch to the wedding invitations concept.

If you are looking for new and elegant details to add to your wedding invitations there are lots of free templates and wedding invitation kits, on the internet that could inspire you. There are plenty of styles to chose from, depending on your likings you can adopt :

A romantic approach




More simple and rustic

Or, you can pick a vintage look



And if you envision you wedding on a warm sandy beach, the suggestions are limitless.


The options are so many, this is why you should know exactly what you want, otherwise you will want them all. But if you feel you sure on your hand kraft skills, you can create your own handmade DIY wedding invites without asking the help of anybody, plus like this it would be much more inexpensive and it would have more meaning, after all that is your passport taking you to the wedding of your dreams.

It sounds a demanding task but it can be a very fun and exciting process and the results could turn out stunning. No matter if you wish to wrap your invites into a stylish pocket fold or emboss them with ribbons or lace or even peacock feathers, DYI wedding invitations could be an amazing way to add your personal style to the whole event and you can ornate them as your heart wishes.



Everything has to be perfect, even the size and shape of the envelopes, that is if your invites will be in a an envelope. Apart from envelopes a glass jar plain or layered with lace could also be a wonderful idea, or, if having the wedding on a beach, you can create your own bottle with a message, its is really up to you and how creative you are.

wedding jar
The calligraphy shouldn’t be an issue as there are thousands of fonts to choose from, but if you have a nice handwriting why not put more love into it and write them with your own lovely hands.

If you have little time until the wedding and you get stressed about not finishing on time, and you wont be able to send all of them, maybe you should give all your ideas on the hands of professionals, who would be faster and still create them as you wish.

If you wish your cards to be extra thick and have a more sophisticated look, a simple trick is to include a layer of thicker paper to the back. This should provide your DIY wedding invitations a thin border and make look more dense.


Never worry again that your wedding invitation will look like everyone else’s know that DIY wedding invitations is the sure way of to avoid that from happening. They will portray your own thoughts and desires and no one else’s.

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