Dogs really love to eat everything, don’t they?


We all know that dogs love to chew on almost anything, but some of them tend to swallow the items they are playing with. These pictures are showing X-rays of all the crazy things that dogs have managed to get down their throats.

The most swallowed item seems to be socks, but there are also other things that can be found – everything from little plastic toys, coins, pencils, to expensive jewelries and even sharp kitchen knives.

toy-engine-dog serrated-knife safety-pin rubber-duck kitchen-knife jewelry-eaten earring-in-dog diamond-ring coin-stack coinpuppy-toy

This Dalmatian collie ate a plastic Homer Simpson toy. She got it fortunately removed by a surgery that went well.


Other pets are also guilty for having swallowed strange objects, like a snake that tried to eat a golf ball, or a cat that accidentally ate a needle.



Speaking of looking inside an animal’s body, these embryonic photographs are showing the baby animals that lies inside the wombs.


  1. I’m going to call this one is fake. I see a few discrepancies but the main one i will point out is I didn’t think things like metal were allowed on the dog while doing the x-ray, such as the collar in one of the pics. then again I’m no vet. then the coin stack. i wouldn’t guess a stack of coins would stick together so perfectly like that. and the size of the pencil in the first one compared to the body of the dog is huge seriously hold a pencil in your hand and imagine how small the dog would have to be for it to be the same size practically.

  2. Hi Im a veterinary nurse ! These look all real xray’s to me, And foreign bodys are common in dogs, I have seen loads strange object removed from socks,to Magnets To a condom,
    Metal object arnt effected, !U see the R marks on sum xrays these are left right markers these are metal ! This makes is visable to see Or they made out of special xray tape Which is of type metal ! U can leave collors tags and Microchips are visable on xray to !

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