Use of E-Cigarettes has Tripled Among Youngsters

While the e-cigarettes generate controversies among 50 percent of the US citizens about their safety, the other 50 percent in the country might be discussing the availability to adolescents all over America.

This is important since e-cigarettes use is growing in the United States and authorities are becoming concerned by being yet another risky subject dealing with our youngsters. And it is, of course, related to the availability and false information regarding e-cigarettes.


A new research performed by the Clinic for Illness Management and Protection says the e-cigarettes will give birth to the new wave of smokers who can end up later smoking traditional cigarettes. Actually, the research indicates that while an e-cigarette may redirect teenagers away from a normal cigarette at first, it is very likely that they will gradually move to traditional cigarettes.

It is an extremely bad issue, and it is submitting another generation of children to addictive substances, according to the specialists. They also say that any kind of contact with smoking can damage the young mind and, furthermore, that some e-cigarettes users will certainly make a way over to the traditional cigarettes. To go even deeper, nicotine exposure at very early ages may cause long-term harm to body development, enhance bad habits and lead to continual cigarettes use.

The review said that the use of these devices has more than tripled among young smokers between 2010 and 2014. The study indicates around 50 % of the two million interviewed youngsters confessed to have smoked e-cigarettes. It has also exceeded the use of traditional cigarettes and other products based on tobacco derivatives, as well.

The smoking of e-cigarettes has been also on the rise because of their added tastes like those of cherry fruits and bubblegum. so, not everything that is tasty is necessarily healthy, as we all know from our food.

Currently, the e-cigarettes are not regulated and unstudied products. As of today, FDA manages the commercialization of cigarettes, smoke free cigarettes and roll-your-own cigarettes only. Even shisha items do not come under their control.

Notwithstanding, the doctors say that there is no firm summary that one can attract from correlation data. But it is similarly responsive to the theory that e-cigarettes are redirecting adolescents away from cigarettes.

They also refer to the other types of smoking cigarettes that are popular and probably wrong as “healthier” products besides the traditional cigarettes. For example, a hookah is very nocive and is not a more secure alternative to smoking cigarettes because it has plenty of monoxides of carbon and all sorts of cancer-causing elements. It should not be mistaken for smoke free types of nicotine use.

While you certainly can take yourself off such electronic products, and therefore off smoking cigarettes, often e-cigarettes are an exchange and not the means to fully give up smoking cigarettes (or vaping) completely. One could develop a strategy to reduce use that can be done, but there is really no one offering that strategy, or suggesting a plan to get it done.

And over time, medical care suppliers are worrying about what ingredients in the fumes might do to one’s whole body. We do not know if the products are secure on long-term, if the nicotine derivates are harmful or whether the other preservatives are safe. And the problem is that more persons who use these products are under the impression of being totally protected.

For example, a research released revealed e-cig fumes are rich in nanoparticles that can induce swelling resulting in health issues throughout the whole body, from bronchial asthma to cardiac arrest and diabetic complications.

Even in the temporary problems, there is not much study on e-cigarettes use, but they do still present side effects. The new researches reveal the fumes in e-cigs may also make smokers susceptible to common breathing problems.

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