Easy Tips on How to Remove Tint

Whenever window film is involved, nobody wants to hear the words “purple film” and “bubbling film” because they mean trouble – LOTS of trouble. Next thing you know, you’ll have to learn how to remove tint. Lacking any directions or places to start? Look no further.

How to Remove Tint


Purple film is the unfortunate result of non-metallic dyes that break down and start changing color. On the other hand, bubbling film might be even more annoying since it’s a sign that the adhesive keeping the tint glued to the window is starting to fail on you. Try to simply peel off the tint and you might leave behind a gooey and sticky mess that might steal a few hours of your life to scrape off. Don’t walk down this impetuous path and avoid these messes with our tips on how to remove tint.

#1 The Ammonia Method

This is one of those methods that most “how to remove tint” guides will list as the first choice. It’s a fairly approachable method and it really doesn’t require any complicated and complex tools to achieve the desired results. Let’s take this process and break it down step by step for easier understanding. But before we start, let’s make this highly important mention: it’s best that you attempt this method on a sunny day.


Take two plastic trash bags and cut them roughly in the shape of your car windows.


Coat the outside of a window in soapy water and then cover it with the plastic bag.


Move on to the inside of the window, but don’t continue until you’ve ensured that you’ve protected all important elements of the car (speakers, upholstered surfaces, rear light, etc.). But, most of all, make sure that you’re protecting yourself, ideally, with a face mask because you’ll have to release some ammonia fumes. Spray the full inner side of the window with undiluted ammonia and then place the second bag over the window. Press it there.


Leave the plastic bags to be for approximately one hour. Your car should be outside in the meantime, facing the sun with the side that you’re trying to learn how to remove tint for.


When you come back, all you have to do is use a razor, a fingernail, or anything else that might help you unglue one corner of the plastic sheet. Simply tear it off, preferably all of it in one go.

#2 The Steamer Method

This is actually the easiest way to get this deed done, though, we suppose, its only downside is that it doesn’t come for free. We imagine it shouldn’t be a terrible burden, especially since you essentially spend a maximum of $30 once and then you’ll know how to remove tint for the rest of your life. Purchase a steamer, follow the instructions to turn it on (which are really easy) and all you have to do is let it work its magic on your film.

At the end of it all, the adhesive that’s keeping the film attached will start moistening up and the film is going to be extremely easy to remove.

#3 The Newspaper Method

Using a normal household sponge, apply a layer of watery detergent to your window and then cover it all with some newspaper sheets. Leave it all be for about an hour, returning once every 15 minutes or so to dampen the newspaper again and keeping the moisture flowing through.

Once the time is up, all you will need is to return with a razor and gently scrape off the newspaper. It should come off with no trouble, but if it’s stubborn and refuses to cooperate, just apply detergent again over it for another few extra thirty minutes.

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