5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

Ladies, we all know that losing weight is the number one thing on our to-do lists until summer is here and while some of us know what a difficult endeavor it can be, there are also entertaining and enjoyable ways of spending time and shedding the pounds. And when exercise is no longer a mandatory action, a routine that you have to do for a certain amount of repeats in order to see results, that is when it gets fun- dancing, bouncing around, hopping, playing, these are the things that people enjoy and when a trainer can mix the laughter and enjoyment with calorie burning activities, the battle is already half won. We’ve handpicked 5 of the best ways of losing weight (visibly, effortlessly and joyfully) that are also extremely fun:

1.     Cycle Karaoke

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

Yes! You’ve heard it- cycle karaoke. It involves working out while trying to sing karaoke- since your singing is an indicator of your heart rate and breathing, if you can sing perfect pitch while doing the workout, you’re clearly ok to go for a higher intensity. You can call your girlfriends for a pajama-party/workout evening and have a set list prepared with lyrics printed out. It will boost morale, make it extremely fun and you will be able to cheer each other on.

2.     Belly Dancing

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

There are choreographed routines that combine elements of aerobics, belly dancing and cross-training in order to give you the best workout there is- on perfect music, with an energetic atmosphere and lovely people to do it with. If you’re a bit self-conscious and don’t necessarily want to join a gym or go somewhere with lots of people, consider that the internet is full of belly dance workouts for all fitness levels and all intensities, so you will surely find something for you.

3.     Pole Dance

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

This may not be the activity for everyone but if you like experimenting and aren’t afraid of falling on your beautiful behind on several occasions, you may discover that pole dancing is actually doable- and slimming! There are poles you can order on the internet and install in your home (without having to destroy walls and ceilings) or you can simply join a class that puts everything at your disposal.

4.     Kickboxing or Tae Bo

5 Fun and Easy Ways of Losing Weight

Originally, these were thought to be manly sports where a delicate lady would have no business spending her time- nowadays, the sports have changed and they have done so in a way that no longer makes women feel unwelcome. Routines are fun, easy to learn, involve cheering and skipping and a bit of dancing here and there- all the ingredients for a fun workout.

5.     Hula Hooping


It is unbelievable that hula hooping can burn up to six hundred calories per hour, but that is in fact the truth- and what is even better is that with a bit of music and some colorful hoops, doing it for an entire hour doesn’t seem so farfetched, does it?  Getting the hang of it may take some time but you can start with heavier hoops and switch to the lighter ones as you get better at it (lighter ones are harder to rotate and require much more effort and coordination, so you end up burning more calories).

The sports we have selected are by no means the only fun activities that end up with you losing weight, and regardless of what you choose, being active is all that matters. So get up from your computer and start having fun.

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