The end is near, Devil is here

devilishereThe sun can be beautiful in many ways, but in this picture it is captured in the most scary way you can imagine. It really looks like the devil’s horn are hiding behind the clouds, and it’s ironic that there’s a church in the foreground. Then again it is all just an optical illusion.


  1. I wouldn’t worry. Saw this picture about a year or so ago and he hasn’t gotten any closer. He must not be moving.

  2. I once had a debate with a friend about the devil. She had a comment that I have never forgotten, “The devil isn’t going to come blazing out of hell all fire and horns. He’s going to show up in a nice car with an Armani suit and words like velvet. He’ll wine and dine you and make you feel right at home. And just when you think all is well…he’ll tear your soul out of you and leave you to rot.”

  3. The devil is an adult size fairytale
    Invented by the people controllers
    To keep you in line

    Awesome image

  4. There is no devil any where, the devil and noble is with in the person….we are the one who do devil things and we are the one who get called noble too…but nice view thanks any way…

  5. no body knows when will this world reaches its end only Allah knows. There is no power to any kind of devil so forget about the end of world when its time comes it will happend and we all will taste the Death.

  6. i agree with imran and at the same time i’m sure that the devil is already here or more accurately… he has been here before man. he is just waiting for the right time. it will be the right time soon… with the assistance of fellow man, if you get what i mean !

  7. @ cameron… off coz it’s an eclipse ! even a child knows that. But everything in this world happens for a reason. Details, my fellow earthlings… be aware of the signs. And for sonya, I’m quite sure that your friend might be right and he could even be one of our mates in facebook

  8. uhh…this must be some optical illusion or some photoshop job.. there isnt any devil up there… its the one that lives inside us.. trynna take him out..

  9. you notice it is an eclipse but if you want to think this is devil horns notice it is above worldly church. Devil exists, read the bible and yes he was an angel. He does not have horns.

  10. It IS an eclipse… And If your not sure, go to Google and Type in a Picture Of an Eclipse, its Big like that because 1, it is almost night time , thats when the moon is at its biggest point, and the sun is about to “leave”

  11. The devil doesn’t have horns or wings, he doesn’t appear in human form, so does the The Holy Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus, nor his angels, they all appear differently. For example, it’s like the difference between a black man and white man. Don’t get carried away with these images, such as these “devil’s horns.”

  12. all people must pray,because the bible says that lord god is coming back so let”s just pray………

  13. Let him come here… He’ll go back.. There are many Devils already on Earth… No place for him… ๐Ÿ˜€

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