How Did That Even Happen: The Wildest X-Rays Ever Taken

Have you ever had an x-ray taken? If you have then I bet the results were nothing like these. Here are the wildest x-rays you have ever seen.

The Knife in the Head X-Ray

Wild Xrays

This guy tried to stop a robbery back in 2008 and got a knife in his head for his trouble. Apparently he made a complete recovery.

The Drunken Fork Swallower X-Ray

The Wildest X-Rays

This Romanian genius got drunk, made a silly bet, swallowed a fork, suffered intense pain, got rushed to hospital and got a wild x-ray taken. The end. Hang on though, did it ever get removed or will it be there for the rest of his life? At the time of writing doctors were waiting to see if nature would do the dirty work.

The Nail Gun X-Ray

Wild Xrays

Was a nail gun to blame for the death of this poor chap? Hmm, I’m no expert but it seems fairly likely I think.

The Grenade X-Ray

Outrageous Xrays

Is this a real, weird x-ray? I like to think so. Quite what happened for a grenade to appear in there I can’t even begin to guess at.

The Spear Gun X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

This Florida teenager got accidentally shot in the head with a spear gun. The chances are it was a fairly painful experience but reports suggest that he survived the incident.

The Buzz Lightyear X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story was a great character but sticking him up your backside is a rather extreme way of showing how much you like him. At least it wasn’t Mr Potato Head he chose, as that could have been even messier.

Another Grenade X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

This strange x-ray from the Vietnam War seems to show a solider with a grenade embedded in his forehead. The story goes that the soldier in front of him set off a land mine and the blast blew one of the grenades he was carrying into this unlucky guy’s head.

The Shears X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

Ouch! This chap was doing a spot of gentle gardening when he somehow impaled his garden shears in his eye. How do you even do something like that? The story is that he dropped them and they stuck in the ground with the sharp, pointy bits sticking up. As he bent over to pick them up he fell over and, well, you know the rest.

The Tap and Pipe X-Ray

Wild X-rays

Incredibly, this fellow had a tap and huge section of piping attached to his face. He slipped and fell onto the tap while in the bath, with the tap getting horribly impaled in his eye. I think I’ll have a shower next time, just in case.

Another Nail X-Ray

Wildest X-rays Compared to the earlier weird x-ray of the head with a bunch of nails in it this guy got off lightly. Having said that, he was still pretty lucky to be alive after doctors took out this 4 inch monster.

The Phone X-Ray

Wild X-rays Prison inmates will go to great lengths to try and hide objects which they aren’t meant to possess while locked up. This prisoner wanted a phone so much that he found a very good hiding place for it in his rear end. If it wasn’t for that pesky x-ray machine they would never have found it.

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