Everyday day a new incredible face paint art

taz James Kuhn, an incredible artist, is the man behind these unique face paintings. An interesting part about this project is that he paints on his own face, a new mask every day for a year. That is 365 totally different designs, everything from cartoons to his favorite foods. Here you can see some of his mask, that represents a dog, a slice of watermelon, a bird, etc. Kuhn even painted Conan O’Brien on his face.

candy face paint yellow-bird water-lemon vampire-bat uncle-sam tropical-bird tong-guy tarzan superman rescue-dog queen-of-spades pit-bull knight-on-white-horse hippo gasmask freddy fishy egyptian-vulture eating-waterlemon eagle conan-o-brien cat-mouse bike-jumper appleworm a-big-turkey He started with the project one day he missed work because he was snowed in, and his inspiration came from photo exhibitions of a picture that he saw one day. If you like paint art you should take a look at these pictures that capture how paint behave in water.


  1. Wow, pretty incredible. Try finding the mouth in some of those. The eyes just cant make out the facial features

  2. I am amazed by these works, he is one of the most creative individuals of the genre!

  3. Wow! You are one amazing artist. The visual play is fantastic. I’m into face painting myself. I’m fairly new at it. I just started last month, in fact. So right now I am focusing on Face Painting Cheeks , rather than entire faces. It’s easier and considerably faster to do too. Maybe you would also like to check out how I do it. This site has great info!

  4. I agree with lexa, the face paintings here are so good. I’m impress. I have an advise for beginners in face painting viewing this site, they should begin from simple designs. If you’re just starting, you’ll have more success with simple face painting designs. These designs are more linear in nature, use few colors with little or no blending at all. You’ll be surprise that it’s so easy to do. Just like the
    ones posted here.

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