Exotic Destinations To Visit If You Dare

Are you tired of going on the same vacations at the seaside or at the mountainside? A pang of envy undoubtedly clings to you whenever you open Facebook and see a friend check-in somewhere in Africa, announcing that they’re about to leave for an exciting safari. But since you’ve clicked this article, it’s very likely that you’d like to break the routine and venture somewhere that not many people normally go to.

The following exotic destinations are open to anyone who has the heart to pack their bags and head for an unforgettable adventure. Most of the time, adventure naturally implies certain risks. Whether this trip involves some extreme activities of the likes of bungee-jumping off the Tibetan Plateau into a river full of crocodiles or whether it’s all about dire weather conditions, there’s definitely enough to get the adrenalin circulating.

The Emperor Penguin Camping Tour

Exotic Destinations

Photo Courtesy of Kids National Geographic

For this amazing holiday, you need to make sure that you’ll include a lot of coats, scarves, and gloves in your baggage. Union Glacier is a facility in Antarctica that’s recognized unique in the world for the possibilities given to those who travel to it. Visitors are able to sign up for a five-day camping trick in the heart of the glaciers, right next to a colony of emperor penguins.

Tourists board a private transport jet in Chile, from which they fly to the remote Ellsworth Mountains area. It’s undeniable that being surrounded by countless of penguins is more than a surreal experience, but this is the ultimate haven for any wildlife photography enthusiasts. Children would definitely be overrun by glee at the sight of a penguin colony carrying on its daily mundane tasks which involve feeding and nurturing. That’s just in theory because we don’t recommend having any children tag along. This is Antarctica, after all, and despite all the accommodation and conditions guaranteed, one of Earth’s ultimate extremities is no place to take lightly.

The trip takes place in November and the price of a holiday package totals $40,700.

Volcano Trip

Exotic Destinations

Photo Courtesy of Inside the Volcano

We know we said “adventure,” but this is really something else. Every year, between May and October, tourists are able to journey to one of the volcanoes from Iceland, Thrihnukagigur (five bucks if you can say that quickly three times). But the catch here isn’t visiting the volcano from the outside but from the inside. The last time the Icelandic volcano erupted was 4,000 years ago and, fortunately, geologists have given us reassurances that another one won’t happen anytime soon.

An open cable elevator lowers the tourists into the heart of the volcano, which consists of a one-of-a-kind magma chamber and which is spacious enough to contain the Statue of Liberty in its entirety. What makes this volcano’s magma chamber truly unique is the complete lack of magma. Scientists believe that this is due to the liquid rock having either been absorbed by the walls, either having completely retreated into the depth of the volcano.

Either way, lava isn’t something you need to worry about. The retreat of the magma has left behind a multi-colored chamber which can definitely awe you through its impressive size and the dazzling colors painting its walls. Departures for this trip are in Reykjavik and in order to admire the volcano from the inside, you’ll need to take out of your pocket just $315. Double the price for a helicopter tour.

Via Ferrata Climbing

Exotic Destinations

Photo Courtesy of Mount Kinabalu Ferrata

Via Ferrata is the Italian construction which translates to “iron road.” A mountaineering company called Mountain Torq built in Malaysia a Via Ferrata which traverses Mount Kinabalu. What’s a Via Ferrata, you ask? It’s the golden ticket for any beginner climber who wants to experience the thrills of mountain climbing without having to go through much training beforehand.

Being essentially a climbing route, it features a variety of paths and elements that make its completion an achievable goal even for inexperienced travelers. A sturdy steel cable is fixed to the rocks of the mountain, running wholly through the route traversed by tourists. Aiding themselves through ladders, bridges, steps, and iron rungs, those daring enough to go on this adventure are rewarded by a spectacular view of the summit from almost 12,400 feet above the ground.

The pricing for this adventure is of $340, regardless of which of the three routes (beginner, advanced, expert) the adventurer chooses to pursue. The package also includes a mandatory accommodation night, but while you’re at it, why not also go visit some of the beautiful Malaysia?

An Ostrich Ride

Exotic Destinations

Photo Courtesy of China Daily

Speaking of safaris, these are always the best kind of exotic vacations. Who wouldn’t get pumped after journeying through the fields of Africa and observing its wild inhabitants in their natural environment? Book a trip to South Africa and, while going on a safari is a definite must in your bucket list, you might be interested to know that you can participate in a unique activity.

A farm in a town called Oudtshoorn raises ostriches and its gates are open to curious visitors. Aside from being able to admire the giant birds up-close and personal, tourists are also allowed to go on a ride on the back of one of them. That’s right, ostrich riding is something you can actually do and it’s guaranteed to leave a lot of people impressed when sharing the story.

Just Go To Bolivia

Exotic Destinations

Photo Courtesy of WSJ

Bolivia may not be associated with luxury holidays or holidays in general, but it’s a hotspot for travelers to wish to take their vacations with a dose of adrenalin. There are several things you can do that can definitely increase your heart rate, one of which includes pedaling down the most dangerous road in the world, the Death Road.

The infamous dirt road is cut into the side of a mountain and bikers pedal downhill from a height of 15,400 feet. With the path being as narrow as it is, as well as surrounded by intimidating hulking rocks and waterfalls, this is the ultimate challenge for anyone who really wishes to push themselves to the extreme. However, be absolutely certain that you wish to partake in this activity, as it’s taken the lives of 21 bikers in the past.

But the destinations don’t end here! Also in Bolivia, tourists can visit the silver mines located in a cooperative mountain town called Potosi. Several agencies provide you with the necessary tools and gear (and a tour, obviously), but the peak of this journey is a visit to the explosive market, where you can purchase dynamite and nitroglycerine which you can legally detonate outside on a hill.

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