Expressing beautiful art through sand and earth


Most people have probably written in the sand several times, whether it was in the sandbox in kindergarden or on a beach during a summer vacation. But artist and surfer Jim Denevan has taken the sand writing to a whole new level. He uses a simple driftwood stick to create large-scale beach drawings that is mostly geometric circles and shapes.

He plays with his imagination and improvises on empty beaches and even other flat areas and fields on earth. Denevan can be working up to 7 hours a day walking about 30 miles creating amazing patterns. “When I’m doing a drawing, I’m personifying the place that is empty”, the artist says himself.

beach-art sea-beach-art


His beach art always ends up getting washed away by the tide water at the end of the day, but that doesn’t make him sad, because it’s just preparing the area to be drawn by another pattern the next day.

circles-beach-art-2 beach-sand-art beach-sandbeach-art-2 beach-art-3 3d-beach-sand-2 3d-beach-sand

earth-art-2 earth-art crew

Other people that have expressed their art in the same way are Japanese farmers that turn rice fields into spectacular drawings.


  1. The sand art is amazingly beautiful and inspiring.I love it.As an artist whose artist inclination are humanity and nature this is refreshing to see.I would love to see the artist actually working on one of these.

  2. my husband is an artist p.a.jones he has videos on youtube rokfaces!ive learned to appriciate many differnt kinds of art! yours is amazing too! I know many a long hours went in to creating each detail!keep going as long as god lets you & god bless you!

  3. wow!! those are amazing! its crazy how you don’t see any footsteps of the person walking around it.

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