Extinct modern technology presented like fossils

playstationArtist Christopher Locke has made these modern fossils by hand, everything from cassettes and floppy disks to Nintendo and joysticks. They represent pieces of modern technology that almost has become “extinct” in these days because of improved technology. Locke collaborated with a local computer and electronics recycling program, insuring that there was no e-waste from the project.

cell-phone cell-phone-2 classic-tape classic-tape2 game-boy gameboy floppy-disks floppy record-player record-player-2 nitendo-3 nitendo-2 joystick gun game-boy gameboy boomblaster phone nitendo More art made by hand are these realistic paper sculptures.


  1. Honey, things like phone books and paper money would fall apart. And people still use CDs…. albeit not very OFTEN, but they’re still used…..

  2. 2000 years later, this could be the only proof existed for the new era of human being to be discovered. Cuz, every information in the existing material today is in plastic cd, all info inside will be vanished.

  3. actually the PS controller should be there. It is illustrating the fact that the controllers used to have a wire.

  4. I think the PS controller needs to stay there…. and sony should take note, grow a pair, and innovate for once.

  5. I doubt they were “made” by hand…. they look like plaster casts made from moulds of the originals…see all the holes from air bubbles !

  6. I think that is really cool and for all you people who are just thinking negative like oh that shoulnt be there ur not changing anything.

  7. in my opinion, all of these belong (even the PS1 controller)….except the hard-drive; those are still used, in huge numbers, all over the place. ssd and other forms of mass storage may eventually replace spinning disk, but it hasn’t happened yet

  8. The PS controller is correct to be there. Mummies were people who lived a long time ago, and people still exist. But they are a mystery to us. So the controller still exist, like us.

  9. I don’t think morons should be allowed to comment on websites. Yes, the PS controller should be there due to the highlighting of the port connection. If you do not like something don’t comment just leave the site. I personally enjoyed all of this talented artists artwork.

  10. i feel like the people complaining that some of the technology fossilized are missing the point, if the artist made fully obsolete fossils it would not convey the same point. a fossilized gramaphone or telegraph would not pack the same punch as the items the artist selected. I do wish though, that the artist did fewer game controls. six is too much

  11. You dummies. That’s not a regular hard drive. It’s a hard drive from inside a first generation iPod. That’s pretty much extinct, since they use flash SSD storage now.

  12. VHS tapes, incandescent light bulbs, analog televisions, remember when speaker cabinets were more than a foot tall? I would have chose the pre-analog PSone controller, howabout a remote control with a wire on it, remember those? oh i know! an iomega zip disk! a NiCad battery, a bag(car)phones, I read soon well have self inflating tires so maybe a valve steam fossil?

  13. If the ps controller appears here it means one thing: Sony must leave past days, for god sake the design is at least 10 years old.

  14. You guys are f***ing morons. The purpose of the art was not to claim these pieces of technology as archaic, but rather to show a glimpse into the future of what the very far off generations might expect to find petrified from our culture. Also, that isn’t a CD player or a turntable you’re looking at. It’s a hard drive. Try thinking before typing.

  15. @Dude – why fix what’s not broken? I prefer the ps controller to any other current controllers. I miss the N64 controllers.

  16. This was cool, In Budapest there are caverns underneath the castle hill where the owners have had some fun and done similar things to this. There is a giant coke bottle embedded in rock and that sort of thing. Its good times.
    I think they’re called the Labyrinthe of Buda Hill.

  17. They Should also put a fax machine, typewriter, flip-style cell-phone,an HD-DVD and a desktop computer in one of those! They’re nearly obsolete!

    Also, I’m sixteen and have a turntable, tape deck and floppy drive and use them all, there not totally obsolete.

    I also second the PS2 contoller is a fail too 😉

  18. For me its a great piece of Art. Literally describe as a glimpse of the past that has quickly faded/obsolete.

  19. there is no hard drive in here you morons its a record player. and its a cool concept but this shit isnt hard to do at all. all it is is a strict moulding of the original in plaster, and he added some extra to it to make it look fossilized

  20. Last time I checked everybody uses paper money, and the majority of car stereos play CD’s. What are you from the future or something? I guess they never did find a cure for stupidity.

  21. Dave said:
    “You dummies. That’s not a regular hard drive. It’s a hard drive from inside a first generation iPod. That’s pretty much extinct, since they use flash SSD storage now.”

    I think you are the dumb here. have you ever even opened a harddrive?? that could be any intern harddrive which is still used nowadays

    You’re a moron if you really think its a record player.

    I personally think these are really brilliant! A bit pitty the N64 controller, the SNES controller and the NES Zapper is destroyed though but they all look awesome 🙂

    People saying these things aren’t extincted yet.
    I’m puttin a end to the complaining now.
    Everything will be replaced with nano technology very soon. Nano technology is already invented but too expensive though. Google for it!
    Correcting the title: “soon to be extinct technology presented like fossils”

  22. For me its a great piece of Art. Literally describe as a glimpse of the past that has quickly faded/obsolete.

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