3 Psychological and Physical Factors that Lead to Depression, and How to Avoid them

Anyone who has experience depression, can tell you how devastating and insufferable it can be. While some people feel depressed from time to time, due to things they cannot control in their lives, for others it is a debilitating illness that robs them of all their energy, happiness and hope. If we are talking about the later situation, you should know that depression, like Dementors, will suck away every smile, or feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment.

Sometimes, it can also take away the will to live, lead to phobias or severe mental illnesses, so it should be treated with the utmost importance, by both medics and people around the depressed individual. But before thinking about professional treatment, or psychological help, one should do all he can to prevent this illness. Did you know that there are a number of psychological and physical factors that lead to depression? Let’s take a look at them, and try to figure out a timely solution for them.

1. Poor Sleeping Habits, Overwork and Stress

You probably have no idea just how important sleep is. Today’s society is trying to tell us that we don’t need sleep, when we can party, watch TV series, read or simply waste time on the computer. Furthermore, it seems that more and more individuals are transforming into night birds, and this means that they are losing the most valuable sleeping hours: between 10PM and 2AM. Why is it so important to sleep? Well, if a person does not sleep, he will be unable to perform daily actions (including work) at full potential.

Factors that Lead to Depression

Ultimately, this will lead to low performances, lack of concentration, and the feeling of being trapped in a routine that they cannot break, because stress makes it harder for people to fall asleep. On the other hand, if you are well-rested, your mind will work properly, and depression won’t creep its way into your life. Taking control of your life, and creating a schedule that you can stick to, will make sure that you have enough time to sleep, and for yourself, even if you are working 2 jobs at the same time. Poor sleeping habits and overwork are factors that lead to depression, and solitude.

2. Not Exercising on a Daily Basis

I know that the last thing on your mind when you are depressed is to exercise, but it can definitely help you feel better. Instead of laying in bed, sobbing, or practicing the life of a couch potato, you should consider exercising at least 40 minutes every day. The first reason to do this is because the brain produces the feel-good chemicals (serotonin and dopamine) when you work out. Secondly, simply laying on the couch and watching movies will inevitably make you eat more, become over-sized, hate your body, and get even more depressed.

Factors that Lead to Depression

Physical mobility is essential, and a sedentary lifestyle will also shorten your life-span. Exercise can make a monumental difference if you happen to be suffering from depression, and by doing it regularly, you will shed the extra pounds, and also feel more self confident. Give it a try, just for a week, and see for yourself. Considering that it’s one of the physical factors that lead to depression, why not try to avoid it?

3. Isolation and Ruminating

Life is hard, and you are not the only person on the Planet with problems. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your problems are not important. Nevertheless, constantly thinking about rejection, failure, loss, or problems is the shortest road to depression. The truth is that there are things in this world that we cannot control, so instead of taking the pressures of today on our shoulders, by ruminating, why not let them go and chill for a bit? The best way to do this is by redirecting attention to positive things, or things that make you happy and relaxed. There is also a symbolic gesture of writing your problems on a piece of paper and throwing it away, that will help your subconscious take a break, and move on.

Factors that Lead to Depression

Isolation is another way of getting depressed. When people are sad, they tend to hide from the world, from their friends, and even from their family. This is bad because it only gives them more time to think about their problems, and therefore, ruminate. According to researchers, people who have strong social bonds are less likely to become depressed. So even if you find it hard to make friends, or are just too lazy to go out, do the opposite and try to seek human contact. 

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