Facts about the internet – infographic

Medical Coding Certification has given us this interesting info-graphic with 15 facts about the Internet. They are quite fun facts that you might or might not already know.

facts-about-the-internetSource:  Medical Coding Certification



  1. look at #2,

    is it me or does it add up to far more than 100%

    it makes more sense if it meant percentage of population of the area online. but if that is so then how the hell is America 76.2% percent of the internet population when china has more people online than America has in total population?

    this bring to question if anything on this info-graphic is remotely accurate

  2. #2 the conclusion “76,2% of internet population is US based” is not correct. The numbers add up to more than 100%.
    Guess it must be:
    76,2% of 300 mio US citizens use internet: 228 mio.
    26,6% of world population use internet means 1,8 billion.
    So 228 mio of 1,8 billion means 12,6% of internet users is US based.

  3. I didn’t realise America,Australia and Europe make up 187.3% of the worlds population ….

  4. shut up you guys, didn’t you see how big the internet is? it has over 1000%, so don’t worry about the math

  5. 76.2 is the percentage of all Americans who use the internet. The percents are not related, just comparable. It is saying that basically 3 out of 4 Americans use the internet, compared to say 1 out of 5 in Asia (20%).

  6. I see no problem with #2 since it represented the internet population of EACH country. I failed to figure it out why you guys tried to add the percentage up. They even have the world average percentage.

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