Four Things You Didn’t Know About Spiderman

The Marvel Universe is filled with fascinating heroes, villains and adventures. Since the release of its latest movies (including Thor2) the audience has become even more interested in their stories. Nevertheless, even if he hasn’t appeared in many movies lately, one of the most iconic heroes of all time is Spiderman. Not only has he been featured in countless of films over the years, starring some of the best actors, but there are also tons of games, cartoons and toys withhim. The 9gag internet lore is also teeming with depictions of “Spuderman” and Spiderman memes. All of these things point to the importance and power of this character. No matter how much people think they know about him, there are more things to Spidey than what has been committed to celluloid. Let’s take a look at five things that you definitely did not know about Spiderman.

1.      He was a Ladies Man


Without a doubt, the most memorable depiction of Spider is that of the shy and socially awkward Peter Parker, as he originally appeared in the franchise. However, in the comics Spiderman is not at all the wimp who prefers to ignore ladies. Peter’s love life is actually surprisingly full.  One of the most exciting affairs he has is with Black Cat (also known as Felicia Hardy). Also, before his romances with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane (the love of his life) he also had affections for Liz Allen. However, his adventurous life-style kept him from properly dating most of these women. Spiderman may have had a long relationship with Mary Jane, but it was interrupted several times during the years. During these breaks, he would often hang out with the hot and sensual Black Cat. The last mention in the list would be Charlie Cooper, the police officer who helped Spiderman even after figuring out his identity.

2.      Spiderman Dies


During the 90s Marvel was faced with bankruptcy, and in order to prevent this from happening it came up with a brilliant idea: to create a new set of comics, called the “Ultimates” which would appeal to both new, and old readers. For those who have been reading the story of Spiderman since he was 15, there were the regular comics, but for those who wished to read about fresh tales of young Spderman, the Ultimates were the best solution. At one point in this series of comics, Marvel actually ends up killing Spiderman.  After he fights The Green Goblin, he dies from his wounds, and his identity is revealed to the public. There is also a scene in which Iron Man’s Tony Stark drives his aunt to the funeral.

3.      He is a True Team Player


Besides the same taste in women, Spiderman has one more thing in common with Batman: he is a team player, but at the same time a lone wolf. While Batman prefers to stick to the shadows, Spiderman has a very flamboyant style of expressing himself. The image created in the movies is that Spiderman prefers his time alone, and usually looks for comfort with his aunt and family. However, in the Marvel comics, Spiderman becomes part of several teams (more actually than your average video). First of all he tried to join the Fantastic Four, but only succeeded a few years later, when the New Fantastic Four was created with Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk and Ghost Rider. He then joined up with The Outlaws, the Avengers, and has helped nearly every hero in the Marvel universe.

4.      Sometimes he Plays the Bad Guy


Spiderman may be considered a symbol of justice, but he is not always the hero. The latest story with him has also been the most controversial. What happens during the battle with Doctor Octopus is that Spiderman’s mind is infected with the mind of Doctor Octopus himself, while Peter’s mind is cast away from its body. Nevertheless, the Doc’s main objective was to prove that he is a better Spiderman than the original one. In the end, he sacrifices his own mind, and restores Peter Parker in order to protect his life work from the Green Goblin.

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