3 Fake Languages in Books and Movies You Should Learn

One of the greatest things that could happen to humanity was science – fiction and fantasy genres, no matter the sub-genres and branches and cross-genres alternatives. It doesn’t even matter you are thinking about movies, books, short stories, theater plays or boardgames. It doesn’t even matter if you are a fan or not, as if you are, you probably know more than we could ever write in an article and if you’re not, you still know  a lot of things, intentionally or accidentally, because in the last years, fantasy, science – fiction and fiction at its best invaded the cinemas, took over bookshelves and corrupted television, only to gain billions of followers world – wide. And it is so awesome, it can’t be truly expressed into words.

Besides monumental stories, incredible realms and immortal characters, box – office success and plots that will keep us glued to the books’ pages or the cinema seats for years on end, these sci – fi and fantasy productions also brought with them new languages, dialects, strange tongues, unknown and unheard before words and phrases. And some of them became not only famous, but found a place into our common language and now are so popular, you can even find tutorials and dictionaries to help you study. There are at least three fake languages in books and movies you should learn, if not to be the coolest geek in the neighborhood, at least to understand what the other cooler geeks are saying to you. Learning Chinese? Everybody can do it. Try these and then consider yourself a linguistics badass! 

1. Sindarin (Elvish) – Tolkien, Jackson and David Salo

sindarin language

This is the language spoken by the Elves in Middle Earth and it was Tolkien who initially invented it in his Lord of the Rings trilogy and the other books he wrote related to the same universe. They say the writer only made up around 400 words and it was director Peter Jackson who collaborated with famous linguist David Salo – an expert in Sindarin – in order to develop the language to become usable in conversation.

So… Pedig edhellen? This means “Do you speak Elvish” and if you don’t, you should start. Beware, it is quite hard and complicated. Luckily for you, there are plenty of resources. You can start with an extensive Guide to Learning Elvish or just memorize some useful Elvish words and phrases to get along with the other Sindarin speakers.

2. Dothraki – Martin and David J. Peterson


If you don’t speak Dothraki yet, you’re not a true Game of Thrones fan, not to mention you should have spoken High Valyrian by now. Dothraki language is fabulous linguist David J. Peterson’s creation and it is among the most popular fake languages in books and movies you should learn, because it seems that everybody speaks it. If you don’t believe us, check out the Internet for the famous love statements between Drogo and Daenerys (written in both English and Dothraki on wedding rings and stuff like that).

It is so cool that there are lots of places available for you to learn Dothraki idioms and phrases. So learn Dothraki fast and maybe anha vazhak yeraan thirat.

3. Banana Language – Tagalog, Italian, Spanish, English and Whatever

minions language

Don’t you speak Minion (or the Banana Language) yet? You should be ashamed of yourself. We are, of curse, talking about the Despicable Me series, the animation which got the world addicted to the Minions and their messed – up language too.

YouTube is full of Minion scenes, the Internet got over itself in trying to explain how Banana Language resembles Filipino and a lot of other ones (including Latin languages and ones of Asian origin), in a bundle of phrases and idioms that are now internationally famous. Unlike the Sindarin and Dothraki, Minions’ language is rather limited (as it is hard to write this article in full Banana, while we’re sure somebody can adapt this text to Elvish, for instance), but it sounds awesome nonetheless. There are dozens of Minion – English Translation dictionaries, but one of the most extended resources can be found here.

These are the three fake languages in books and movies you should learn to keep your mind active and be considered the coolest geek in town. Of course, if you want to become a real intellectual and a vast fictional languages speaker, we also recommend you to start learning Klingon (in case you don’t already have a doctoral thesis in Klingon linguistics), Fremen (the language created by Frank Herbert for the Dune Universe) or even Na’vi (yes, the alien language in Avatar!). Happy learning new languages (as human ones are so boring)! Kampai!

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