5 Fake Music Bands We Wished Were for Real

You know when you see some movie that is music – centered or not, doesn’t really matter, but comes with a fake music band or artist you wished was for real? The subject has been debated before, granted, and there are also some bands that even if don’t officially exist, were created for marketing purposes only and became so popular, they actually sold tons of records. But the reason why we are going to expand on this topic is that we need a bit of a fresher perspective on the matters, as everybody knows about Spinal Tap, Sex Bob-Omb, School of Rock, Alvin & The Chipmunks (actually very big name in music) or Josie and the Pussycats, among many others.

So today we will present you with yet another list of fake music bands we wished were for real and which turned the movies they were presented in into awesome pieces of cinema, even if some were not your regular blockbusters.

1. The Soggy Bottom Boys – O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

soggie bottom boys

Admit it, when you saw Clooney standing there singing I am a Man of Constant Sorrow MAKING THOSE FACES, you fell off your chair, paused the movie, rewind, started with the singing scene again only to have enough time to learn the lyrics and suffocate in laughter. This singing performance, together with the others shown in the movie made the entire film’s success (besides the brilliant plot and acting of all of them) and this specific soundtrack is still considered one of the best in cinema to date. So if this was the real band, some people would pay big money to see them live on a stage.

2. Stacee Jaxx/Arsenal – Rock of Ages (2012)

 Stacee Jaxx

Admit it ladies, when you saw Tom Cruise looking and performing rock music the way he did, you decided you’d become the most faithful groupie of all ages. Stacee Jaxx and the Arsenal is among those fake music bands we wished were for real only to remember the glorious days of the glorious 80’s rock music. Many people wondered who inspired Stacee Jaxx as a character and rocking sound and you can pretty much assume it was a little bit of everything, from Rolling Stones, to Guns’n’Roses, to Doors and, most importantly, these bands’ leading / superstar performers. Stacee Jaxx, if you’d be for real nowadays, you’d fill stadiums with the nostalgic.

3 & 4. The Barden Bellas and The Treblemakers – Pitch Perfect (2012)

barden bellas


Now considering these two college a cappella music bands, girls vs. boys, of course, managed to deliver a very nice movie about college competition, some love and some hero journey to self – development, we can honestly say that these can successfully make the list of fake bands we wished were for real. Honestly, wouldn’t you pay a ticket to see the Bellas (the new formation, of course, not the old uptight – housewife – prone to hysteria one) perform on stage, or the Treblemakers bringing a refreshing perspective of the old glorious age of pop boy-bands? And, since no instrument is involved and only voices mattering, it would be quite a change in assessing musical talent, scene – acting, coordination and artistic value. 

5. Where’s Fluffy – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

where's fluffy

If you didn’t see this movie yet, we recommend it for its cuteness and lightness, as is a sort of romantic comedy, with the plot is based on some mysterious band that should perform in a concert, while both Nick and Norah spend a crazy night trying to make it to the said musical performance. Spoilers don’t matter really at this point because the movie doesn’t hold some unspeakable secrets we swore not to reveal. Why would we wish Where’s Fluffy to be for real? Well, if the movie would be true, these guys would be like the hottest band that ever existed. A whole city would be desperately running around to get to their show. Everybody’s listening to them. So if they are so big, we want to hear them sing!

There are, of course, other fake music bands we wished were for real and we’re sure you have some of your own too. Those of you who’d die for the “Rock the Boat” bands to perform live, we understand you deeply, honestly.


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