Famous Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong


If you were thinking  its was time for you to turn to plastic surgery, look at these pictures and think again. Here is a list of famous plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Who doesn’t want to maintain their young looks and tight soft skin for as long as possible,or even forever? The desperation of defeating ageing has turned many celebrities, and not only to undergo different plastic surgery procedures. A little injection in the lips, and some botox in the cheeks, can sometimes go without noticed, but there have been cases where the after results proved to be horrifying. To top it all out, when analyzing the before and after, you realize they looked way better with the face and body they were born with.

Tara Reid


She stared as school sweetheart Vicky in the famous comedy American Pie, but now she is best known for her terrible liposuction and breast implants procedure which she has done in 2004. When you come to think about it, the scars on her breasts aren’t  so obvious as her belly. She admitted to having had body contouring and that the procedure was a complete fail. After the surgery her stomach became ripply. In 2006 she underwent a reconstructive surgery an din 2009 she posed for Playboy to show her fixed body. This just prove to be a very relevant case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Donatella Versace

The vice president of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, Versace, Donatella has gone trough several plastic surgeries since 1990.Some of the most obvious changes have been to her nose and lips. Over the past years, her ridiculously swollen lips have placed her in the tops of plastic surgeries gone wrong, but Donatella doesn’t seem to believe the same as there haven’t seem to have been any public complaints from her part. Reportedly she has declared that looking like that requires a lot of self care and tons of face creams and hair treatments.

Jocelyn Wildenstein


The New York socialite, married a wealthy business man and started experimenting with plastic surgery in 1997, right before her 20 year marriage arrived to an end. Reportedly she has spent $4 million on several plastic procedures among which are believed to had been, a multitude of facelifts, cheek implants and due to the dramatic effects on her face, she received the name of “bride of Wildenstein” or “cat woman” as her face has a feline like aspect.

Latoya Jackson


Michael Jackson’s closest sisters, Latoya seems to have a special love for plastic surgeries as her face doesn’t look like it used to anymore. A classic case of celebrity plastic surgery gone bad, before and after.She is believed to have undergone, chin and cheek implants, and she has modified her nose entirely and went for a very pointy appearance.

Tori Spelling


The star who played the lovely Donna Martin in Beverly Hills 90210, has been for a long time in the eye of the media for her deformed breasts due to plastic surgery gone wrong. She denied having been breast botched for which rumors said that she supposedly sued the doctor who performed the surgery. In 2008 she eventually admitted that she has had her breasts augmented in her 20s, and the only reason she admitted, was to put an end to all the speculations about her having had various procedures.

Lil Kim

One of the most incredible plastic surgeries gone wrong has to be the case of this next celeb. Lil Kim’s face appears to have suffered drastic changes over the past years and the rapper looks completely different. Her cheeks seem very sculpted and her mouth fuller, her nose looks much smaller and her skin complexion much lighter.The media has assumed that the singer has undergone filler injections, even though she has never admitted anything regarding the obvious changes of her face.

Carrot Top

His curly red hair made him famous but his face doesn’t have the same success. His face seems to be constant changing and reportedly the actor has been subject to laser peels, way to much botox and an eyebrow lift.

Farah Abraham

The Teen Mom, turned porn star, shared her botched photos on Twitter after she went in for a minor procedure. It appears that the teen star, had an allergic reaction to aesthetic while her doctor was preparing her to insert an implant in her lip.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is one of those stars who have suffered plastic surgeries gone wrong. The actress was one of those classic beauties, famous for her ethereal and different beauty. The cosmetic interventions that her face has suffered made her look like a complete different human being. It is rumored that she had undergone, face lift, brow lift and filled her cheeks and lips.
Even tough her face looks tight and wrinkle free at 54 years old, it is noticeable that her face is also swollen and many plastic surgeons implied that the actress might have overreacted with the facial filler injections.
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