What Are You Playing With? 5 Fantasy Series Inspired Board Games

It is no news that in the last years, science fiction and fantasy as genres conquered the world of literature, cinema, visual arts and Internet fun. Adapting fantasy written series for the silver screen and for television is a common trend and it made billions of dollars world – wide, while collectibles, fanfic and inspired-everything gathered also billions of fans.

Today we will talk about fantasy series inspired board games, as once you turned off the TV or left the cinema, you still long for spending more time in a certain universe and board games creators understood that better than anybody. While Game of Thrones card games and board games and extensions are internationally famous and quite complex to play, there are, of course, other book series that got adapted and became entertaining board games to keep you hooked on the universe some brilliant writer managed to create. Here are only five of them.

1. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

If you are not familiar with Pratchett’s universe, you really should, as it is considered the funniest fantasy series of all times. It all happens on the Discworld and the characters and stories kept people hooked on the author’s humor and writing style for years. The Ankh – Morpork board – game takes place in the city – state with the same name, you are given a certain character and personality and your goal is to reach your game goals, while trying to prevent your opponents from reaching theirs. It is an incredible journey in one of the vastest, most mind – blowing fantasy universes ever written in this world.

2. Harry Potter Mystery At Hogwarts Game

Now the famous Harry Potter series inspired a lot of board and card games and this one resembles Clue a lot, as it transports you into the Harry Potter universe, while you have to solve mysteries and work your way through a very compelling story. It is a strategy game based on classic mystery solving older games, but it deserves its place in the list of fantasy series inspired board games because it is exciting and can keep you entertained for hours.

3. The Lord of The Rings Adventure Board Game

In case you didn’t know, there are also two The Hobbit board games but the Lord of The Rings comes in many shapes and challenges. In case you are addicted to Tolkien’s universe, you can buy them all and play them all, as this particular one can be integrated in the Hobbit series. It may take you months to build the entire complex realm, play and try to win, as the rules are complex and not always well understood by the players and it takes a while to figure out what is going on. An everlasting challenge, we might say.

4. The Hunger Games: Training Days

The Hunger Games books and movies are a contemporary success and it was only logical they would end up as board games. This one is quite appreciated by the players, although you can also find other board and card games inspired by the series. This challenges you as a Tribute and pushes your skills enough to learn strategy and survive the tasks and even win a few rounds. It is well – made and seems to be favored by families and large groups of friends.

5. Twilight Board Game

Of course there are Twilight Saga inspired board games! Based on the popular books and movie series, this is a trivia game, not a strategy or mystery one, so if you are a true dedicated fan, you will win by answering questions related to the movie. Unfortunately, if you browse users’ reviews on Amazon or dedicated sites, you will find out they were a bit disappointed about this game, as it wasn’t as challenging as they would have hoped and it seems it has some additional questions and tasks that are poorly related to the Twilight universe. Others had a lot of fun with it, however, so it all depends perhaps on what your expectations are.

There are, of course, other fantasy series inspired board games for you to play, independent novels even, not to mention board games inspired by comic books and superhero franchises. It is lovely to see people so engaged with a story, a realm, a plot or some characters, that they just want them to become constant parts of their lives.

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