Fashionable weapons made for artistic purposes

dg-uzi Peter Gronquist has designed weapons labeled with different famous designer brands like Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, etc. The artist himself thinks that today people will put a designer label on nearly anything to look and feel awesome, so he wanted to make fun of it in a way .

Gronquist says that he Really just wanted to make something completely ridiculous”. The design-labeled weapons are everything from guns to bombs, even chainsaws. They have become so popular that movie character “Bruno” showed up at his own premiere in Los Angeles with a shining Chanel RGP.

versace-gun hermes-paris-gun gucci-gun2 gucci-gun fendi-gun fashion-sniper fashion-shotgundior-gun dgak47 chanel chanelgun burberry-gunversace-machine-gun golden-bomb fendi-chain-sawWeapons have inspired others, like this Dutch artist who is, among other things, making crystal chandeliers shaped like weapons.


  1. I wonder why they use so many SKS rifles. Or how they fit an AK mag into a Yugo m59-66 model.

  2. i like the black gucci one. hell why not be fashionable while you’re robbing a bank?

    and stop being so damn technical. it’s art

  3. Clearly these designers knew nothing about what the shooting public considers a ‘desirable’ weapon. They use gold on an SKS. If that’s not sad enough, they just switch out the stocks and try to pass it off as being different guns. A fucking SKS?! FAIL!!!!!

    Sad also is fact the fucking Mossberg is the 2nd coolest gun here, and we all know Mossbergs generally suck choad. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!
    Thompson? WIN!!!! Coolest gun here

    Everything else is fake & gay!

  4. LOL!
    The artist is on! 😀
    Put a designer name on any gaudy, crude and idiots think its stylish. This was brilliantly done.

  5. you’d think that people would want to pimp out nice expensive guns instead of surplus shit SKS.

    I mean its not even that iconic of a gun,you’d think that the designer would go with a gun that has more of a cultural cache like the AK-47

    What a great scam, buy some surplus chinese rifles at $140 a pop and skin them with various designer logos and sell it for 10 times the price!

  6. Kind of missing the point here guys – the point is to make some ridiculous art that pokes fun a designer brands. And why would he want to ruin a bunch of high-end expensive rifles? You can tell many of them are airsoft. (The SKS is a damn fine rifle for a reasonable, albeit increasing, price.)

  7. You haven’t seen nothing, in Mexico the army found and secured 31 guns with gold and diamond incrustations, unfortunately there were owned by lords of drugs who they found in US a great place to make money, sorry, the true hurts…

  8. waste of money. waste of time. but nice for looks. use the damn money for more important things. 🙂 i like it thou so keep making more good looking guns.

  9. OMG.. I would love to have that uzzi.. I want it very badly.. Although it will only be for show…

  10. rocket launcher isn’t so bad too.. But I would love it if someone gives it to me….

  11. you know, mexican druglords were the ones who came up with this crazy idea. they had diamond filled gold guns with versace all over them. this guy just went a step further. still not something completely original

  12. whats with all the aks they have weird shoulder rests

    awesome but is a chainsaw considered a weapon

  13. Please tell me these are available for purchase. To be more specific, the sniper or the shotgun. xo!

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  15. Yeah, let’s just put a designer label on a gun so we can charge out the ass for those too.

  16. I realize designer guns are supposed to be a ‘joke’, but I wonder how Versace, a victim of gun violence, would feel about his name being used this way?

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