Fast Food: Facts and Myths

There are countless of myths ad facts revolving round the Fast Food industry especially since many Americans struggle with weight gain. However, many of the things said about Fast Food chains are just rumors made up by either angry customers or employees or simply people who try to find flaws in everything.

It is undeniable that fast food is fattening and unhealthy but up to what point? Here you will find some crazy facts and myths about the fast food industry and see if what you believe in is true or not.

Myth: Taco Bell uses only 35% meat in their seasoned beef

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Fact: This myth actually made Taco Bell release a statement is which they assure people that 88% of their seasoned beef contains actual beef. The other 12% consists of filler. Although this is not an ideal proportion, it is still way better than 35%.

Myth: McDonald’s hamburgers do not rot

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Fact: Some people on the Internet decided one day to conduct an experiment to see whether or not McDonald’s hamburgers can naturally decay. After leaving the burger to rot for several days, “the researchers” found out that the burger looks pretty much the same as it did at the beginning (I wonder if they also tasted it). After many people started questioning what the burgers are actually made of, McDonald’s decided to stop fueling these assumption. A company’s spokesman said that McDonald’s hamburger tend to dry out instead of rotting because of the way the hamburgers are cooked. However, to see a McDonald’s hamburger magnificently rot, you need to keep it in a moist environment.

Myth: Salads are a healthier option

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Fact: When people see the word “salad” they automatically assume it’s healthy. Why? Well, there are healthy vegetables and/or fruit in it, right? Yes, indeed, but besides those healthy fruits and veggies there is also a bunch of unhealthy stuff such as loads of salt and sugar. If you really want to order a healthy salad, be sure it does not contain fattening dressings such as mayonnaise and always opt for yogurt or a simple vinaigrette dressing.

Myth: Fast Food will make you fat

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Fact: The truth is any food can make you fat if you do not know how or when to eat it. We tend to blame it all on fast food because it is the simplest option and you will most likely find one on your way home or to work. Of course there are a lot of food processing methods in the fast food industry that make fast food seem like the most dangerous food on Earth but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you really want to reduce your fat intake but do not want to give up on fast food completely, consider fast food as a treat you should indulge yourself every once in a while or opt to eat fast food from places which offer you the chance to actually see how the ingredients are cooked and put together.

Myth: Fast Food is the cheaper option

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Fact: Fast Food is cheaper than eating out at a restaurant, that’s for sure. But is it really cheaper than what you can make at home? Try this simple experiment: Put together a list of ingredients you can find in your favorite burger from beef and cheese to salad and sauces. Next, figure out the proportion. How much beef did they use? How much tomato? How much sauce? Try to find out how much they actually spend on making the hamburger and how much you could spend on making it. You might be surprised of the results.

Myth: Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC because they stopped using chicken

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Fact: KFC indeed had to change their name from Kentucky Fried Chicken but not because they actually stopped using chicken meat, but because of the word “fried”. Frying is considered one of the most unhealthy food processing methods so it had to go away from the title. You do not have to be concerned in regards KFC’s meat origin; they still use chicken and not genetically modified meat.

Myth: The roast beef from Arby’s is actually a gel

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Fact: Arby’s beef comes packed in an air tight bag filled with beef and a layer of basting solution, which helps the meat from becoming dry and sticky. It is believed that this is why a rumor about their beef being a gel came out in the first place. Don’t worry though, Arby’s roasted beef is still just roasted beef. It might not look good before being roasted but it sure does after.

Although fast food is one of the most unhealthy choices we have in terms of food, you do not always have to feel guilty or sorry when you eat it and you must certainly not believe everything people out there say about it.

These were out facts and myths about fast food and the fast food industry. What other stuff have you heard about Fast Food?

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